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For Hezbollah Alexi sub might have looked like a tourist when he took pictures of the Empire State Building here in New York the prudential center in Boston or the Jefferson memorial in Washington but federal prosecutors said he was really scouting locations for a possible terror attack sub join Hezbollah in Lebanon trained on weapons and with explosives and became a scout for the terror group when he arrived in the U. S. last decade that is when court record city began extensive surveillance of dozens of locations he's been in custody since July and now faces charges that carry decades in prison Aron Kader ski ABC news New York court documents say stop admitted that he took photos in Boston that besides Fenway Park included the proof center in Quincy market the F. B. I. says there is no specific or credible threat to Boston a tree worker killed in Swansea today Taylor born of Rehoboth was in a bucket left one struck by a tree limb OSHA is investigating two people arrested after a wheelchair van was stolen from Melrose Wakefield hospital Daniel Walsh of Melrose and Nicholas Berg of Peabody due in court tomorrow on pursuit related charges the two also facing shoplifting charges Melrose police will seek charges in the ambulance left a federal judge giving the president a win in his effort to keep secret his financial information your CBS's bill Rakoff U. S. district judge Morrison England junior sided with Mr trump's effort to block a California law aimed at forcing him to release his tax returns the law requires candidates for president to release five years of tax returns by November to run in the California primary next March president also suing New York to block prosecutors there from there push to obtain tax returns as part of a criminal investigation meantime the president says no gun legislation deal is close to getting done president adding he will not allow any. want to go forward that takes guns from law abiding people Capitol Hill the house passes a bill to avoid a government shutdown until November twenty first Congress was facing a September thirtieth deadline to pass legislation to keep the government lights on the Senate set to approve the stop gap measure next week starting October first workers in the state will notice their paychecks are a little lighter that's due to the state implementing the new paid family and medical leave act here's WBZ's cantata cliff for the next year in three months workers will be taxed at companies with twenty five or more employees to create a state fund so they can eventually start paying out benefits that's according to attorney Daniel Tarlow at prince slow bell week seventy five percent of all wages we can think of it as seventy five cents of every one hundred dollars of wages starting in January twenty twenty one benefits will be paid out to workers twenty weeks of paid medical leave a year for their own serious illnesses and up to twelve weeks of paid family leave a year for sick family members Harlow says the state not the employer will be the one deciding whether to grant the paid time off up to eight hundred and fifty dollars a week Kevin Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio and coming up all wheel so blower controversy in the nation's capital..

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