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We're electing a not a pastor. Guys listen. I want to prevent the increase persecution against christians in america. That's what i care about. That's who i am have pledged policies. That are going to harm the church. There's no doubt about that. I wanna fight abortion. I wanna lower taxes. I wanna establish more secure borders and the control illegal aliens from getting into the united states and getting on the public dole on a foil red china's designs to make the usa one of its subordinate countries. Entrust me that is on the docket. And i want to attempt to reestablish the rule of law. That's what i want president trump to do when he's reelected tomorrow. Forty fifth president of the united states. Pray for america. Pray for this election. Pray for us as we head into tomorrow and pray for the cities around you because trust me when i tell you there will be an eruption of protest. There will be an eruption of riot and probably eruption violence throughout america. And it's major cities regardless of who is elected or if we don't have a decision at all because like a pit bull the seat in one chicken. They've tasted blood and they're going after the next. Thank you guys tune in tomorrow night. Join us live right here studio twenty to seven. Pm eastern six pm central. We're going to have the pre show here with a lot of great friends sitting at the pub myself and sara gonzalez that show and we're going to be with you throughout the night on blaze. Tv's youtube channel. Their subscribe and be ready to go meantime. I'm going to be in des moines iowa des moines iowa this weekend and we're going to have a whole weekend of shows go to watch chad dot com. That's where all the fun stuff is. Get your tickets. Get your information. Come hang out with us. I promised not be so serious this weekend. So for candy. Mike wayne the the opens in the puppet master perfectionist mark tate. You such acute copa couple will see you tomorrow night. I love god bless. We'll see there..

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