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Has this officer Conrad Gary was described as a genuinely nice person always had a smile on his face and rarely swore superintendent Eddie Johnson says Gary and his partner would determined to get another gun off the streets when they were killed. It was this sense of urgency that led them to put their thoughts of their own well-being. Aside the thirty one year old former air force sergeant leaves behind a wife and six month old daughter. His partners funeral is tomorrow. Nancy hardy for CBS news, Chicago, Missouri is seeing a dramatic uptick an HIV diagnosis a trend that is mostly concentrated in the central part of the state, according to health experts new HIV diagnosis is in Missouri increased by more than ten percent between two thousand thirteen and two thousand sixteen which is the most recent state data available, but the increase was much steeper, and they forty central counties that the state considers part of these central HIV care region with new HIV diagnosis climbing by nearly one hundred and seventy percent during that same period. Almost all the cases occurred through sexual transmission, according to Derrick Landis who directs prevention education and outreach health services at spectrum healthcare in Columbia, Missouri. Supreme court Justice Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is said to be resting comfortably in the hospital after undergoing a pulmonary Liebeck. Demy me in New York City today doctors removed to cancerous tumors from her. Lungs. This makes the third time. The oldest supreme court Justice has been treated for cancer since nineteen ninety nine doctors found no evidence of any remaining disease scans taken before the surgery showed no cancerous growths elsewhere in her body. Dr Steven Broderick, professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins University medical center, did not treat Justice Ginsburg button. He explains more about the procedure and about the recovery process humane. Someone had an adequate amount of pre-operative pulmonary function. Removing a lobe should not have much impact at all on their quality of life, a Republican operative accused in North Carolina fraud case has been on the GOP's radar for some time North Carolina's top elections official issued an urgent plea nearly two years ago for the Trump administration to file criminal charges against the man at the center of ballot fraud allegations in the still unresolved ninth congressional district election, the head of the state board of elections warranty that several people including GOP operative McCray. Dulles junior or illegally harvesting absentee ballots. Ed would likely do it again. Again, if they weren't prosecuted Dallas was hired by Republican Mark Harris who leads democrat, Dan mccready by nine hundred five votes. Jim Krasula, CBS news, Greensboro, North Carolina. Amazon is expanding its airplane fleet. As it tries to diminish its reliance on major delivery.

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