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In the sacramento bee today so if you find that story in the sack be don't print it out and or don't re tweet it to ice or anything because they'll just find out where she is back in just a minute gary and shannon show brian suits filling in kfi am six forty more stimulating talk monica rix brothers construction company is now promising to fully investigate what happened what caused a pedestrian bridge to collapse at florida international university today in miami manila construction management says they're devastated by the catastrophic collapse several people died the bridge wasn't stalled just a few days ago a solution for traffic congestion in south orange county has come in cheaper than expected price tag off the shelf for six miles a carpool lanes was expected to be about two hundred seventy five million dollars it was paid for twenty percent by measure m fifty percent from the state and thirty percent from the federal level supervisor lisa varas the final press sec actually came in forty five million dollars under budget and now the lanes are open main area of benefit is for the cities of san juan capistrano dana point and san clemente but hopefully down the road will be able to continue the carpool lane down to the san diego county line bartlett says this should help incentivize more people to carpool in orange county kris ankarlo kfi news the mona police department has announced funeral plans for officer gregory casillas who shot and killed during a standoff last week a service is planned for next thursday morning at purpose church in pomona cassia leaves behind a wife and two kids a fifty year old student at solano community college in the bay area has been arrested for reportedly calling it a couple of bomb threats to the school the cost causing back calls caused evacuations at all of the colleges campuses in fairfield vacaville and the vallejo this week a woman in minnesota has been sentenced to six months in jail for shooting her boyfriend to death at a stunt they recorded and planned to put on youtube the boyfriend put a hardcover encyclopedia against his chest last june and his girlfriend who was standing about a foot away fired the gun to.

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