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And she said if i'm going to get vaccinated. There's not going to be for the met gala. come on. She tweeted that before she went. She said she was doing research on it. And once she's decided she feels comfortable with the situation then she'll get vaccinated or not but But there was some real beauty. I mean some. Simone biles the the champion gymnast from the olympics came in a layered crystal beated showgirl gown Good on her for getting her girl on and by lesser known designer from new york called area and you know lord was there. Lord was looking really really beautiful and she wore a two piece silk embroidered piece. That was very. Open down the middle so in open up like the skirt was long and slid up he was just open. Her bodice dana. And that's all we have time for today. Thanks to our produces. Marcus hippie daniel bait and charlie phil mccoy a researcher safety monaghan coons and studio manager some impede. I'm georgina godwin. And the globalist will return at the same time tomorrow. Thank you for listening Monarchial and ubs a proud to present a nobel cause a book that celebrates more than half a century of the nobel memorial prize in economic sciences. Nobel coast gives an overview of the anti four winning laureates and their influence on global society. It builds excitement around economics by talking to the laureates and unpacking their theories from a pioneer in the field of the economics of climate change to an israeli psychologist who changed the way we think about thinking the winners stories. Make for an incredibly diverse. Read as well as real life case. Studies have applications of the prize winning theories. You'll find an illustrated history of global alongside. Look ahead at what we can expect over the next fifty years. You can discover the story of alfred nobel himself and the legacy of his awards on sale from october twenty twenty from monaco ann. Ubs the book from retail stores offer monaco dot com a nobel colts. Asking the questions shape our..

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