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Background checks without exception for every american who wants to purchase or own a gun and let's stop selling military grade weapons to members of the public or work has to democratic primary challengers but the closest as more than fifty points back in the latest polling it may end up being beto o'rourke against republican incumbent ted cruz although cruz was damaged a bit when he refused to endorse donald trump at the republican national convention he's a smart campaigner accomplished fund raiser and formidable opponent his campaign did not respond to requests for comment but cruz is taking this race very seriously recently warning houston republicans the left is gonna show up they'll crawl over broken glass in november to vote wade goodwin npr news pittsburgh texas and this is all things considered from npr news author jason matthew speaks about his experiences in the cia how their reflected in the film adaptation of his book red spero that's coming up in the next segment of all things considered right now though brian excuse me yes brian peacock is here with traffic to fremont we go threecar crash in an unknown lean of eighty northbound alvarado boulevard in alamo it's a fourcar crash blocking the right lane of northbound six eighty before lunar wrote in a broken ladders is causing problems in cupertino adding to the lays on southbound 280 before highway 85 that debris in the to middle lanes brian peacock for kqed thanks brian that report brought to you by west and bond advanced hair restoration support.

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