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Goodies hangover real medicine for real hangovers fast relief with a boost of alertness. So. How did you had to get out of the country when trump said one day? One Day One of my phone real quick boom. They would have had to do only good things about phones. Well, that's yeah. Because imagine the uproar people trying to get the hell out of the out of the country it was crazy the. Airport was nuts and people were here. This is Martin I get people getting annoyed. I. Get it. I get annoyed way too much. And understand people getting aggravated. But when we're in the situation, you get Huffy puffy and Pissy at the people working there ain't gonNA help nobody you're hold me up and my flights like in an hour so. Let's just get this moving I. Always love that when there's some kind of a like a weather delay or mechanical God and the guys cutting a promo on the late at the desk and you could tell she's like I don't give a shit. No, she goes my my home is twenty minutes from me. I'll send you bags to Hawaii keep. Why is it that Lady's fault and also to when people complain about a mechanical problem I would much rather find the mechanical problem on the ground and being the up there. Yeah. Being the and the guy going. To check engine light came out on something like that. Remember that thing that you didn't watch and we said here's a breeze out of the bag laugh all on and thirty seconds. So maybe you should've paid Zach. What But I know there was one time Joey Vanilla even tell you this. We were at a show in Atlanta and we're coming home from Atlanta to Florida. And a guy committed suicide in the Orlando Airport. So of course, our flight got delayed. People were so mad. And embiid Shimon in that people behind the desk and I'm like you know a guy just right kill themselves. Yeah. You know that right like this. That's the issue, and then for me I always go back to kids because I'm thinking in my head these kids little kids go to Disney having a great time. What if one of those kids saw that guy jumped off and kill himself like that's to traumatize whoever saw that right but these people I need to get home and I'm like God. I had. Home from ABC w show. This is like Gosh twenty four years ago, and then the guy's name is aimed is some can we desert doctors Dr The guy at heart attack on the plane and we had to land remember his name was Everett for some reason Everett and then the the the the ambulances are on the tarmac and you know and people are complaining, but you guys are going to watch. To Everett is here I'm having a hard. What if Chris had a heart attack I'm praying that you land the plane? Yeah you know. So don't you dare roll your eyes have an audit track allow pop right up. Shop I go back from the grave. But I never got that about people never got that and you talk about EC W real quick I stopped watching I stopped watching wrestling because I was such a Brad Hart Fan when bread hard lost to Shawn, Michaels I was like I'm done. I'm done in Anaheim, the wrestlemania twenty. I said, I'm done watching 'cause to me it was a shooter. Came from the Dungeon. Sean did the cool hi fi moves but I was all about Brad. He was the Grappler So when he lost like I'm done I was also thirteen fourteen at the time. So I was like done with the kitty stuff, a friend of mine goes watch. This puts on EC W gangster's paradise I was hooked I grew up with guys like new Jack and Raven dreamers from yonkers all. You had guys like Taslima. This not that miserable but I know guys like. I know you're you chew he'll. He'll tell you the truth. Visible brother. Choke you out. So. Yeah. That and then that's why that night not kissing your ass because I don't have to. You know your career here. Yeah you know. But when you were talking about cw after the show I I, don't know if you notice I was like this but. I was leaning in going. Yeah. Almost always about that. Now that's cool and it's funny to you don't. It's one of the things I really appreciate about kind of this. I don't know why you WANNA call it resurgence career services two, thousand and sixteen. It's something that I said when I started working with Kevin Owens and man by the way is my boy Greg I love love you. Yeah. Yeah. and Seth and in Sami in Rome and all those guys. Yeah the work was saying Oh my gosh. I actually liked working with. House I love him. A lot of people don't because I know that's why I do love right because people nuts and I think it's hilarious. But we were putting the match and it was a ladder match or something Claudia was like Sammy Romney can I say something you know? He's going yeah, and Claudio Jomo. Zarro literally food coming of his ears. Zara. And let me tell you something about that guy. He's like a big dumb dog. Really. I'm playing around with him joking around like give them like a little dead onto the on. He decided to hit me back. I said, what do I fall to the floor? Because he hits me so hard and I go what? Bro Playing around. Oh. Over King. I'm like, no. Hurts. I have a bruise on my on now because. We were in China and. In. Shanghai And there's a ping pong table in the middle of the restroom, and of course, you know I uni play piano for thirty seconds and we aboard there's a massive game between Claudio and Neville Pack of course, and these two guys look can forrest gump. And, they would not and they went for like half an hour and then finally, of course, Claudio because he's the ultimate athlete one Jeff Ben was so angry and I was like who in the hell only in this business can we come to China Hung? jetlagged. Swiss versus the Englishman from Newcastle, which is from northern. England super miserable having this Amazing Ping Pong tournament in the back room. Yeah. He actually pack lived with me. Claudio Chris Hero at a time. Wow. Like two three months or something. So yeah, like I know them very well in like where was that in in Pennsylvania Middle Our fucking Pensilvania. Thank God I got out of the cheeses crews alike. I think back to the days when I live with guys in Smoky Mountain with like you know new jacket come over and crashed the place. With this guy and that guy flop. That crew doesn't seem as crazy though 'cause I was was glad you was I was a crazy. Yeah I would come home. and. Then of course, Claudia will be like Oh you home over screaming in my ear. But again, if you weren't so big and so lovable, I would point you right in the face. So little physical specimen, God, I hate him so much every time he puts up a picture of him online, right? He never responded by the way, but I right grow up. We get it. We get it. We know but what was working with those types of guys and then you realize these are guys that were influenced. Let's use the word influenced by what I did and the companies that I was in but then also being able to learn from those guys as well. Yeah. That gave me a whole new perspective as as a restaurant as a performer to where you know a lot of older guys. It'd be like the stupid I never thought that way. You know you have to keep your mind open and continue to learn that. Say you stay relevant? Yeah, and you'd all due respect to you with that because. Especially, in the situation you're in now a lot of the old school guys do not enjoy Orange Cassidy aw. All I've seen old school guys and no. I'm not talking about Cornet. The other guys. Other guys wish death on on on and I trained with Orange Cassidy he trained a guy. Fire Ants. McKay. Fame Chris. Didn't say who it was. I liked the fire for which. Doesn't. I don't know. It's just. Crazy like let the kid go but to me, it's like when you first came out like the idea of wrestling is to be different ghetto. Yes. If you can do that, you'll make money and listen. Is a six foot eight muscle guy we went through that phase. The you know, is it a five foot six guy with the mask Lewin theft phase where I came in your I had a big. Issue or a problem with Marcos stunt Orange Cassidy There's another one too. I can't remember who it is right now. Oh chucky Taylor guys. We'll love Chuck Taylor I get why looks like Shit but you like shit? A horrible person I'm John Trout. In their work with this guy is good..

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