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Of Friday. Let's find out where the problems are, If any, maybe we got lucky this morning. The super retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the threes Here again is Kevin All right. Unfortunately, Lori still being these delays on the expressway, Ted, a both directions here, North bound. You're busy suit after granted avenue getting all the way up to a breakdown to the left Here at the Dorchester Yacht Club. You can attack an extra 15 minutes on your ride here. Overall. Ride Braintree to Boston. Now about 25 minutes, south bound slowdowns coming down through Savin Hill. You clear the gas tank and then you've got to speed limit right after that, down to the Braintree split. No troubles down on routes three or 24 down and rain ham, though route 44 east found that ramp to 24 North here is shut down for work until about three o'clock this afternoon, and 4 95 north bound right lanes closed for work after Route 44 exits six in Middleborough. That's got traffic back about two miles. You're looking pretty good on the mass pike both directions between Framingham and Boston. Downtown Boston. Overall, a nice ride on that lower deck's a Cambridge as well as both directions on the lever connector and out of Lexington route to westbound. Just the left lane is getting by workers here at exit 56. This report is sponsored by Sun and Ski sports. Stay warm this season with sun and ski sports Bundle up Sale Get 50% off extreme base layers and up to 40% off winter equipment and apparel Get 10% off all bike apparel and accessories with by purchase stop up on the winter and holiday must haves find the store at sun and ski dot com slash locations. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Kevin, Let's get right to the weekend whether joining us now live meteorologist Dean Dev or not that at all? No. After a great start, Laurie breezy, milder. Today of the sun is really made a strong push now all the way up to the North Shore communities right along the border. Just north of end of four. Vermont in New Hampshire. There are a couple little showers that air passing through with more clouds of their butt city southward stays mostly sunny will get up within a few degrees of 60 this afternoon.

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