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Mussa 138 left to go here in the first half gene evan turner login right in front of the portland bench easily gets it into mccollum had gone to three gets a high pick from at davis now takes a three that one's no good rebound comes down to nicole yogesh with ninety seconds left the go denver's up by dwelt yokich is that the 3point line logic back door oda chandler beat napier head fake up under layup low good tipped as omiss but got fouled and he'll go the free throw on ed davis got in two free throws now coming up for wilson chandler or begging us the denver nuggets golden anniversary joined the fun the moments of memories have only just begun the denver nuggets fiftieth anniversary is proudly presented by key bank in western union two shots were wilson chandler moslems on the way that what is good so i told burton the pregame show up the nuggets score a hundred and ten points then i will win the game if wilson chandler makes us live right here they'll be at fifty two with one twenty one left second free throw for illwill that one man from the rebound comes down to sack us he gets the outlet pass over to evan turner evan turner has it at the midcourt sirker ghana thereby wilson chandler what are we have here a foul on who others fifty on yokich barak that will be free throws year for portland mature what in the world that call was there but free throws coming up here for zakho let's take a look at the replay on the jumbotron on a i still don't see it they now confusion among the referees here you'll get scant believe you got listen for a foul there i'm with you joker frequency of rizzaq counts first ones on the way that one is no good now joker could insert the ball don't lie in lyon right here if he'd like to one more free throw for collins no relation tom that was good fifty one to thirty nine twelve point lead here for denver late the first half yokich quickly up the floor here for denver dribble handoff to gary heresy he gets a pick from yokich shrivels down to the wing on top the bark around the horn allows back a barton it gets a bit from miles is the right side of the coin at a wilson shamma back on top to bar with eight on the clock barton guarded by need your comes a high pick from yokich attack big barton throws back behind.

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