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Sixteen w marketing on the business of professional football. There are many reasons why they could be much much bigger. The fact that live sports still hold such a place in all of our hearts the big deal. Stay tuned for more of our interview with sixteen w marketing partner Frank Bruno. But first, let's look at the top stories of the week before we do that. I got one. Policing. We talked about it. Yes. We know the money doesn't go to go. Did anybody say anything that would have led the listeners to believe that we thought the money went to politic? I had mentioned that Seventy-three million dollars was like a NBA journeyman salary, which may have led to the confusion. Yes, that's a transfer fee. Transfer fee. Even it doesn't go to him. It's just that number will be attached to the therefore the pressure is on him to live up to the amount. They pay for him. We just wanted to clarify. Well, let's start first of all the NFL and attendance the ratings are high. But attendance at the games abrupt why? Well, first of all there's a lot of caveats on this one. And there was a team that was Mexico City game didn't get played. So they went to LA last minute someone to London, but on the whole it's down that a bit concerning if you're an NFL owner, but the huge money from pro football comes from media, and you can scale media seats in a stadium are finite number. Let's remember a majority of people in this country. Do not live near a stadium, and we'll never go. Its how do you scale your product and sell highlights, how can you slice and dice and make money from the media is how you scale. So do you want your buildings filled? Of course, you do. But I'm not pushing any panic buttons. Because there's a little slip in turnstile numbers have you'd given. Roger Goodell the option before the season. Hey, we're gonna make your TV ratings on five percent. There's going to be a different attendance. Where do I sign? Yes. Yes. Yes. Looking at the numbers here. It's amazing. And and this is true every year, but Dallas so far ahead of everybody else. Dallas average almost ninety two thousand people per game the next closest the jets at seventy seven thousand imagine if the judge. That is why you know, the Cowboys are are the a one leader head and shoulders above everybody else in local revenue. Our next story from the dynamic duo right here NFL signed Caesar's as a casino partner looks like reaching toward betting view. Yeah. The NFL didn't go as far as as we've seen with baseball hockey, and the NBA this is a casino only deal. So so Caesar's is not allowed to advertise it sportsbook in conjunction with the NFL marks. However, you know after decades or years decades of objecting to the possibility of legalized sports betting objecting to gaming as a whole the NFL is jumping in with the casino partner. According to our sources almost thirty million dollars a year. So even without the sports betting, the NBA got more data more than the NBA deal with MGM, which wasn't exclusive in this is. So, you know, there are some differences there. But you know, this sets the NFL up in the future. If it wants to either from a data perspective. Or from a Justice sports betting marketing perspective for a much bigger contract in the future is going to be knocking on the door at MGM. I might give Caesar's and I don't get this contract with the NFL. I am one upset puppet. Yeah. It's worth mentioning Caesar's a partner in the Las Vegas stadium where the raiders will play. They're already working with. I think eight teams already. It's clear that Caesar's is doing whatever it can to keep its relationship with the NFL are going to get his room. More than necessarily. Moving right along with from the NFL going to college football, which kinda plays into the first. Or we talked about about attendance tickets for Monday nights, college football playoff title game between Alabama and Clemson have never been cheaper. So your Alabama, obviously, east coast, Clemson, South Carolina, east coast, and we're playing this game in Santa Clara home of the forty Niners. That's not a one hour trip. And sorry, Clemson. But most fans would probably say what's the line? Evan six and a half six most people probably the Alabama faded complete. I mean, some sports books even paid out Alabama as champions already. I can see why they're not. They're not filling the stadium and the prices have to come down. Yeah. This seems like a mix of a lot of factors this guy. You just mentioned that these two teams are both twenty seven hundred miles away Levi's stadium in Santa Clara. The of that area is not a hotbed for college football as it is. Is you know, you can question whether this game should be played on a Monday night or maybe a weekend. But as we talked about with the NFL same kind of thing, this is a TV property, I and in-person property second. And if the ratings are good, and I imagine they would be they got to slam dunk. Best teams in college football this year. That's all they really care about searches next year. Finally, we have to say goodbye to wrestling legend. Madison.

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