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Jimmy Hoffa, Ashen, Montus discussed on Amanpour



Talks to me about executive overreach then and now and about living in the shadow of Jimmy Hoffa loss mine Montus was years earlier and he wasn't so bad I also had my own children there's really when I had my own children understood how my break with him how much painting of figuring all that out one evening I decided that I was going to try to seek his forgiveness we were watching Seinfeld one evening thing and I just turned to him and I said I'm so sorry for what I did for the last twenty years it was wrong and I love you and I hope for give me and it was completely out of the blue and he looked at me with a puzzled expression and his face with Ashen because he wasn't well and he started crying and he said he basically forgave me he goes I forgive you sign I'm not mad at you I know why you did what you did and basically that was it from that point on we grew over the next fifteen years basically very very close and does he have any idea where HOFFA's body might be he says he doesn't I don't believe that he does I think he knows more than he told me but I don't think he knows we're Hoffa's body is now and just also you go back to our original premise. What do you make of the whistle blowers who remain anonymous the ones over Ukraine in the United States but just going forward did you know they've been denigrated by the president and by the administration it's it is tough to be a whistle blower in government and because it's tough to be a whistle blower in government today because every single thing becomes immediately politicized the person whoever it was acted bravely tried to follow the procedures of the whistle blower stat- shoot almost certainly doesn't deserve the hell that he or she is getting from the White House and I it seemed like it sparked going forward we'll see what the consequences are Jack Goldsmith thank you so much thank you very much hey guys this is connor rogers I live in active lifestyle with tons of travel during football season constantly on the go I can't sacrifice style for comfort and thanks Amac well I don't have to anymore I'm sure you guys can't stand shopping but it's easy and takes no time to place an order on their website the underwear arts and sweats are all perfect for workouts or when you're on the move this is the most comfortable clothing I own making it hard to go back to anything else and if you think I'm lying give it a try hi you can keep the first pair of underwear and they'll still refund you no questions asked for twenty percent off your first order visit Mac Weldon dot com and your Promo Code Warner W. A. R. N. E. R. Warner Stop Wasting your weekends in stores make it easy and get premium topnotch fabric with MAC WELLMAN DOT com? Don't forget that Promo Code Warner for a sweet twenty percent discount you know what kind of depressing being thirty nine and reading an article about money milestones to hit by age forty we weren't even close to having enough cash to cover three months of living expenses or paying off credit card debt so we met with the joe planner who helped us create a budget but as coolest financial hack what's it consolidate all our credit card debt into one low rate loan we shopped around and chose best dot com for three reasons great interest rates four point eight stars on consumer affairs and alone APP that literally took about a minute really smart best egg had the Astronaut Bank account in about twenty four hours we paid off all of our credit card debt bank to three month cash cushion and even saved enough for sweet vacation it's a great feeling finances are difficult getting personal loan from best egg dot com isn't visit best egg dot com slash fall that's best egg dot com slash fall fast egg dot com slash fall subject to credit approval actual rates phasing approval times vary remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN so we said whistle blows the heart of the trump impeached it prob- what makes someone risk everything to expose government wrongdoing our next guest knows that only too well the Iraq war whistle blower twin gun working for the UK government intelligence agency.

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Jimmy Hoffa, Ashen, Montus discussed on Amanpour

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