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Yeah the only thing I could think of I love I knew exactly for ever got to push all the right buttons are threats Friday it really is well dates here of the house impeachment hearings get underway this morning now the coverage begins at eight o'clock or eight o'clock hour we've decided we're just gonna do we're gonna bring it to you but we're gonna bring Aegean segments Jim foresight will do is commentary day ten after that we'll get it ready for you will bring you a segmented eight twenty will bring in a segment at eight forty AM eight fifty will bring another segment and then at nine o'clock we'll go wall to wall coverage until we get tired of it or rush start look it and there's only one witness today that would be Maria von image who was the former ousted U. S. Ukraine ambassador she was fired allegedly after running afoul of trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani in this is what's going to come up today and the testimony now with one witness what expect over by noon no it's five hours the night is going to be a long time but you know what it is it's important as much as we joke about how I think it's a waste of time I think it's a waste of money there's a lot of there's a lot at stake on this thing most definitely and I think it's going to be highly emotional today today there are reports that you thought of it behind closed doors became emotional yeah it'll be very interesting to see yep so we will have it covered for you we will update you after Rush Limbaugh during during rush Limbaugh's will get you cover all day long after today's testimony concludes next hearings what happened Tuesday set to testify Jennifer Williams a state department official advising the vice president's office lieutenant colonel Alexander Veneman National Security Council staffer Kurt Volcker the former U. S. special representatives of Ukraine and Jim Morrison National Security Council staffer that's all on Tuesday and Wednesday is the big day Gordon son one of the US ambassador to the E. you will testify in the morning in the afternoon defense department official or Cooper and undersecretary of state of for political affairs David Hale then the wrap it up on Thursday with a former National Security Council staffer Fiona hill yeah leading into things giving I know around the table and talk about this to get all this done before the thanksgiving break understand that got a break coming up you got to get this in before they can take their break we'll have more on this all morning long we'll check in with course with our our designated impeachment guy that would be Michael Bowers St twenty first news national correspondent also we'll check in with bills ever the seven o'clock hour you the latest on the school shooting in California and of course Michael Palca makes his daily visit with us right now here's a fox business news.

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