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Okay so. Those are our three ideas for an exciting spy movie. Let's just recap the more real quick before we decide what best it's the category I stopped. We have Jones idea which is keeping it in the family very much like spy kids but with adults. The central couple is mark and Sara Petersen. They think that they're the ones in the family. But little do they know that their children Tom and sally which attains and their parents Diana and Richard I actually awesome super spies. They find this going on a holiday to Florida where they uncover that. Ivana shrugs about some of the grandparents running a big hole for some talking only give those chips in Luby's purposes. We don't quite know it could be drugs. It could be money. It could be anything but all we know is that. There's GONNA be some spy escapades as mark and Sarah dragged into the family business and all hell breaks loose next. We HAVE TIPS IDEA. Sassy squash which is a normal about a normal suburban Sasquatch who works undercover at the FBI and must go undercover as a teen girl to investigate an admission scandal. I'd say prestigious school. No Sony. Is She the only woman on the team? She's also a sasquatch and she must appease her boss Renegade Raina played by Rob Schneider who's always raining renegades and he bloody loves it eventually? Everything gets out lease mansion. He's judy very importantly Jordi ask. We're getting a bit of that diversity. In there everything gets out of hand eventually. Someone shot into space. It's unclear however what it does. Guest channing tatum that happens in the first one which sets up for the Sequel Space Scotch. That's the idea Sassy spot. And finally we have Mark Idea Ping which is about a character who is a paranoid conspiracy theorists and also a game receives a game in the Post and decides that it's his job to review it. The game is set in a realistic London near where he lives this ping pong balls everywhere which starts to show up in life. But what do they mean literally? Nobody knows government conspiracy or not. We don't know but most importantly tip is in the movie. Maybe the government agent maybe is a double agent. Maybe it's a triple agent. But she's playing a post herself. Who's observing the experiment in some way? This and all the ideas featured in today's episode are part of the SEC. You the soccer but thankfully because paying is a psychological thriller we're free to detach reattach it however you want. It's really all up to interpretation so those are our three ideas. But which do we think? Best fits the category of an exciting spy. Movie Best Fits. The category is John's idea. But I feel that I'm depriving the world of Sasquatch if one counts can I can I go with my heart and ignore an ignore what was supposed to be doing and sausage my support. That's built on love mark. You can whatever your heart tells. Then yes Sir Jonah really like your idea and I think I wanNA Shag. Salat is already in a multiple character. But I've only about you need to make sure character grabs catchphrase. That's a catchphrase. Yeah which idea do you think? Best fits the category of exciting spy. Movie I mean like again. The family one fits the category by you know. I just feel like if I vote for Sassy. Scorch we can then put that within the universe. Hey tiff just quick spoiled. Yeah I'm definitely possesses. Well the great thing is is that as Sussex scorched sets up the U. There's potential that all the rest of the ideas can shoot me honestly. We're just opening the door for all these great ideas coaches which is the case is not as about it. Well then it sounds like it's a runaway success. Sassy scorch is our winner. The second so welcome protesting this episode of because he watched featured John Gracie tiff Stevenson mark. Davidson and me rory banks. It was produced by Joe Grace and mottes intricate..

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