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I'll do an SPA the SDN so I'll individually supplement with with that. It makes it. Yeah. I've added two minutes in probably two bucks in overhead to I ask was them. gonna ask about the disposables neck. Yeah, that that parts parts. You kinda sucks, but you know, raise your fee and you know, I I recently, okay, let's just face it. The economy sucks in in everything. So I recently have joined some PPO so I'm joining the Konami was great. Well, can you just say that earlier apparently, but but the the phone doesn't, although I can admit this last week, the phone's ringing in pretty good. But for the past couple of months, it's just actually pets couple years. It's been really just shitty as far as the phone, new patient flow and things. So I joined some PPO so I might not. I might be doing fewer one shit because my overheads going out of control, but it's going to be the one of the last things I I get rid of and then you're cold dead and cold at hands in my hair. I mean, I love my terrorist so fucking old on editing. Right. Okay. So so old that I, it's still on windows XP and so. Nice. A couple of games of solitaire on that bad boy do things totally Hackel. So my my server apparently is out there and easily access or something. But yeah, my I love the fit of my restorations when I scan it. So I might take an extra like I did the fifteen minutes today, took me extra ten minutes to scan everything, but when I go to seed, it's just going to drop in. Yeah, I, I love mine as well from an instrument from a true like hand held instrument like an explorer. Yeah. I mean, I, you know, God knows when that was invented. I guess there's there's a PD s. PD t- PD tea instruments out of shoutout to PT there somewhere in Montana. I think Missoula Montana, maybe. There's a like a composite plastic instrument that I really liked super-duper thin and sharp, and so you can really sculpt with it and and get nice and brazier form with it because the instrument is like razor, thin, so love that doesn't stay, call it a lack good stuff. So that's that would be an instrument I love when when was that instrument advantaged? I have no idea. No idea. So I get what she's going for their. He's pretty cool, but have issued the following. He doesn't wear a mask. Beer dandruff I've never seen beard. This is news to me, total news to me. I mean, I shave. So you have a beard you should do. I've never had beard dandruff though. Do you are you sure. I'm yeah. I mean, I wear a lot of black. All right. Mike, I'm like Damien Echols from the west Memphis. It's just all like Metallica t shirts, and you would think that beard dandruff would show up on their okay, so so do head and shoulders work on your face to then help?.

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