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Assure you it is too good to be true. In a lot of times. There's even people who radio or TV or whatever. And they're giving investment advice, but they're not licensed in any way. So they don't have to worry about whether something's gonna come back on that. Right. So they can just well, you know, I just, you know, wrote a book, I just gave a lecture, and and I just told people, you know, they got to figure out what's best for them. But then people walk out of there going. Oh, well, they told me to do X, right? Yeah. Yeah. You gotta be careful with who you listen to as far as where do you get your investment advice from? There are a lot of licenses that you can have. There are a lot of different ones. And they all mean different things. But don't be afraid to ask people. If somebody asked me what you know, what in is securities license. I had I would have no problem with telling. Right. You know? So if somebody is offended at that. I would be a little leery. Probably because that's not a hard question to answer. If somebody asks me that one of the good questions always ask is, do you have a fiduciary responsibility. Do you have responsibility to do something in my best interest or just what you feel is kind of appropriate at this? Yeah. So in all of us all of us have granted retirement tax visor. We hold licenses that require us to have your fiduciary fiduciary needs or we have that fiduciary responsibility to always hold that at the forefront. So investment advice kind of you gave good description there. So retirement, planning investment advice, all ultimately conduct tale into that. Because that's when most people are saving. Sure. But how would you differentiate that? So, you know, retirement planning is going to be, you know, a step by step of, you know, first off you need to get to this point. Once we get to this point. We can then invest your assets, the investment advice, we can invest your assets in this way to create this income along with. This growth to accomplish your retirement goals to fulfill your retirement needs a lot of people that are in their seventies. They have no retirement needs the pension and social security takes care of it. And and their retirement planning is just pay. I want to take this level of risk. Where do I invest my money to get the most your term right.

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