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Is the King of finance. He is our CF, Um P. He is our professor extraordinaire. And he's also my co host. So welcome. Damon is going to be a great show because it is all about women. Now, if you're just joining us for the first time, our mission every single week. Just so you know. Is that we advise millionaires and aspiring millionaires. And why do we do that? Because we know you have frustrations. We know you have concerns. We know that there are challenges out there in order for you to be able to really rocky retirement. And we want to make sure you do that. So that's why we're here every single week. Now I want to give a shout out, though, Damon this last week we had a launch of our TV show was so much fun. Oh, my gosh. I just want to say thank you, and I'll probably do this four or five times during the show. Thank you to all of you that you came that came out and supported us at our watch party at the Waterford Renaissance. We've gotten so many clients calling and saying and writing this notes about how spectacular it was, and they did a great job for us. There's no doubt so we want to thank you for your comments. We want to thank you for your support. We promise you we We've decided to make one promise and one promise only. We will get better. That's right. That's right. It was our first shot. Ladies and gentlemen, I thought it was pretty good. And we actually actually got a lot of great comments. But, yeah, just like with this radio show, you know, we didn't start off being the regional radio stars that you see today. You know, it takes time. You know that is all true. But I do want to say this Victoria for anybody that was not able to catch the show Live. Certainly You can record it, but and it's on demand. It is now on demand. You go to YouTube and search out the channel financial diva. It's all one word together. Financial diva. That's our YouTube channel, and you can look for the playlist and the playlist is called. It's all about the money, honey. And on that playlist, you will begin to see all of our past episodes there. And if you ever miss an episode, you can go there and watch it on demand. And if you subscribe to our channel, you'll get a notification. Yes, every time a new video, you know when a new one comes up because you don't you don't want to miss that. And I got to say one thing about Pat Kelly. She was in her office this weekend. Bless her heart. She said. Oh, my gosh. You know, she said I did what she told me. I d Viard it because Victoria, I'm like you. I like to like, you know, zip through the commercials, and I said, Oh, yeah, No, honey, I do the same thing can't be bothered with all those commercials and she said But I love the universal, right. It was like a continuation she goes. I was like, Well, thank you, darling. And thank you, Joanne for your comments and the great George Ross. He's called me twice. Already. He'll probably call a third time today, but I'll get back. No. And George, It's not just to say your show was great. It's like and here's how I can make it better for you. Yes, and I cannot wait to talk. Which hey, why wouldn't you take advice from TV star Right from the Apprentice? Yeah, I'm all over. Also, thanks to our client, Don he He actually Bonded gave us a really nice comment on our YouTube channel. He made a comment on the video there, so thank you Don hope you and Brenda are doing well. And thanks for watching the show. Yeah, we really do appreciate the support. Um, and any comments, you know, I like that. And if you have a question, and you want to answer it, please do put the comments in the YouTube and we'll we'll make sure we get those comments, uh, in.

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