Twitter, Arne Duncan, President Trump discussed on The Phil Valentine Show


Philvalentine how are you can find me on twitter and facebook mandate show where i did indeed receive a comment or two for a dozen on the fact that arne duncan this is the guy who was president obama's former education secretary he is now saying that what we need to do is we need to start boycotting the schools until gun laws are changed and so i went into this whole thing about how it was the obama administration who gave us the promise program and it was the promise program that they're trying to do and was going to retrace very briefly what the pro promise program was trying to do and this was something that the obama administration forced to mung forced to all the school districts around america there trying to end the school to prison pipeline and so what was happening is you've got all these are these kids are minorities and they're breaking the law breaking the rules at school and what president obama went into do was he just didn't like the fact that a lot of minority kids were being sent to prison right out of school well the problem is if they're breaking laws will then they got to go to prison i mean maybe you might wanna tell these kids to stop breaking the rules and stop breaking the laws but instead with the promise program did was it forced a lot of these schools to look the other way when these kids were committing these crimes again not only in school but also out of school as well so because of the promise program you had a lot of kids who were basically given carte blanche to do whatever it is that they wanted to do and they didn't have to suffer any consequences nncholas cruise the shooter in parkland florida was also one of those students that made it through the promise program something like fifty eight infractions this kid had and so for a lot of people they are now pointing to including a lot of teachers by the way that are pointing to the promise program implemented by president obama and by arne duncan the former education secretary for president obama it was something that was prevalent during the obama administration so guys sends me a note i and teachers all across america are saying that because of this program violence is on the rise because kids.

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