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Sports. I'm helping these your half past headlines for Thursday, April 22nd 2021 the A's of the hottest team in baseball, Castro text help somebody check again, he said. Hey, Dodger fan to hit up copes and said Best team in baseball, the Dodgers who's the hottest team in baseball over the last 11 games. The answer. That's right. It's the green and gold is the Oakland A's They've won. 11 straight of 13 12 walk off winning 10 innings yesterday, two runs score on back to that twins errors. Keep the streaking A's streak alive more from the N O s Rockies double of Houston, 63 behind Austin number six innings two earned runs allowed six strikeouts for him. Padres gets swept by the Brewers. How about that? Four and 4 to 2 Omar device? It's a two run home run and the D'backs take two from the Reds that resume game yesterday, and then the official scheduled game so they win. Both of those. The Giants yesterday, wrap up a three and three road for it after a 65 loss to the Phillies. We'll talk about that with a little sound from Gabe Kapler as the leadoff spot continues. Those You're half past headlines. He bleeds orange and black enjoys the green and gold and flips off Dodger blues. This is the leadoff spot without him, Copeland say to your smart speaker play. Okay, NPR. You know the We were talking yesterday about how the defense for the giant has been so much better than we anticipated Outfield defense yesterday on the corners from Alex Dickerson. It's tough when ditches out there and when, when rough is out there, I don't know that you can count the whole lot of plus defense. However, both of these guys are responsible thing for what three or four of the pension home runs. We've seen this one of the five the Giants of hits, so it's big time assed, far as their bats relative to the out of the defense of output. We saw this with boats for a number of years. You get to the eighth and the ninth inning and he tried Gregor Blanco out there, right. You try your defensive outfield out there to try to hold onto a lead. If you're gonna be a team and pictures and plays defense, that's what you gotta do. However, the Giants are a team with a lot of offense that they put a lot of sticks in the lineup when they get there late in the ball game to try toe. Keep the offensive edge against some of these bullpen arms. Well, yesterday, the defense came back to bite him just a little bit. Alex Dickerson get caught in between like a double. Excuse me dive and I sort of Ah Stabber stand up playing the bounce and makes a bad throw in didn't make a play really on Bryce Harper, trying to score didn't do a little spin around or appear owe it to try to throw him out and after the game, get capital to talk about that, he said. We'd love to see our outfielders laying out for balls and we've seen Austin Slater do it A couple of times. Same sort of thing happened in center field in Miami the other day, where Who was it? It was Mauricio Dubon came up short on a ball where he kind of got caught in between, and the ball scooted by him, and you got to be decisive. In those moments. We've seen this using the analogy the other way with Jordan Pool right. His quick decision making in the game of basketball this year has helped him become one of the more elite bench players for the Warriors and helped him with his distribution with the balls helped him with his his shot making because he's been a more decisive player in the outfield like that, when it comes to diving, you just gotta react. You got a strictly just get down to it. Instead of thinking about whether You should pull up whether or not you should be diving or laying out and came back to hurt him yesterday, Giants back at it tonight 6 45 1st pitch against the Marlins. Marlon's 89 coming back in after taking two of three from the Giants will see Daniel Castano, who they saw last Friday. He made his season debut last Friday against the Giants took a no decision, but he limited them tow one run on three hits. No strikeouts to walks. Aaron Sanchez takes the ball for the Giants tonight. Let's hear from did capture a little bit yesterday on the injuries that we saw Brandon Crawford. And Don Solano get banged up yesterday, so lot of leaves the game after hitting up a rope double of the line he's been not hitting like has been fantastic over the last 10 games or so eight games or so, anyway. It's a big double yesterday and then somewhere between 2nd and 3rd, but he's moving from second to third. He comes up lame and ends up. Not even like really having a conversation. Trainers come out. He leaves the field immediately. Evan Longoria comes in. So what's the deal with these injuries in Kappler? I just want to start with the injury stuff saw Solano come out of that game. He's got a right, right calf string, and he's gonna miss some time. And as we evaluate him further, we'll let you know what's going on there. We took Crawford out of that game. Pretty much a precautionary measure. He was feeling some tightness and his side high up on the right side closer to the armpit. We just wanted to be careful. We don't want him to have to go in the hole. And then rip a throw and then potentially hurt himself. So we want to make sure he's okay. That's why we took him out of that game. And then I think it's a good sign that belt was able to come in and kinship for us. So says that he's kinda in the right direction. Yeah, sort of tough, all of us and giants who are playing well and they've been able to sort of weather the storm of these injuries or the little nicks and banks so far on, But don't forget. We didn't know with Longoria or belt how they'd be able to start the season and how complete of a team they would be without those guys. And they've been huge. Longoria hitting gap to Gap Belt obviously has been on the power Hot street. But these are the injuries that really bug you with Belle. You're like man. He's finally getting going. He's getting hot. He's in the middle of a streak and then he goes down with a quad injury, did pinch hit in the fifth inning yesterday. For the school. Funny. Here's another one from Kapler. So who's gonna play second base we saw yesterday. Longoria comes in at third base to pinch run for Solano, which moved in Tommy was still over to second for Solano. Stella's been hitting Ah, whole lot better, but he's mostly just been in there against right handed pitching, some who's your second basement with Dani barrels out? I don't think it's too early. It's just there's we have a lot of options there. Right floor as a zealot certainly do. Bon we've got we've got some moves to make there and look like It sucks to lose Solano for for any number of reasons, but it's gonna open up opportunity for somebody else. And I think that's your point. Yeah, the hope is gone. The glamour Flores, who can hit the big pinch hit home run the other day, and he had two doubles opening game that have been really, really quiet at the plate. Maybe he's a guy who can get more extra bad, sir, could play a little bit more second base. That might be good for the Giants, at least against left handed pitching, So they've been hammer and left these two lately, so we'll see how that shakes out. Let's drop down to this last one here game Dave from games Absolute here. Gabe Kapler talking about. You know, I was. I was sort of hyping the three and three road trip. After you start one into, you'll take three and three, right. You're happy with that. After losing the first two to the Marlins, however, we talked about getting greedy yesterday. Like when you're up to nothing in a Syriza's You have an opportunity for a four and two road trip. You're not shooting for 500. But you want 500 to be your baseline on the road. On the road 500 ball at home when two out of three. Every time I guarantee.

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