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He's on ratings. He doesn't have the easiest of tasks. He does have to improve to beat these. But he is progressive. He was very impressive when winning at weather be honest, but ultimate start. And then he was rather unlucky to fall. He was effectively brought down in the manifesto at entry in which he was very well backed. He went off at 11 to four for that race and again, this is slightly more hard overhead. I'd love it if a combination that Nick Kent, Johnny Hammond, but when a big race, it was in the final day of the jump season. Because we're talking about how the game is dominated by a few big trainers and big owners. And for someone in Nick cantu, who has only a handful of horses to be competing in agreed one queer two company with a horse like our own referees, but a lot of talent. And could make a big splash next season, would be great. So I think I probably, depending on the best thing I'd probably make our own river, my bet on the race, but it's a race full of this but I wouldn't want to be spending too much money on it. Yeah. It was awesome. I really fancied at entry and it's just been 16 days for some of the race comes around. So I am of the opinion. We'll just stick with urn river, then. I know it's a different race, but it makes sense to me. He is 5s. And fully agree with you for all the reasons I mentioned, but the negativities are surrounding the short press favorites. Oh look, it's a Paul Nichols shortbread favorite. This time in the battery 6 5 celebration chase grade one. So kaluki sportsbook are currently going 6 to four about green tea for Paul Nichols and Harry covered in the last time we saw him. He was awful at leopard stone when Nichols was going through that spell. Dan skelton and Harry skelton have new bed negra, 13 to 8. So royal Allen king and Darrell Jacob 130 and rush with oh look, it's another one of these Kate and algebra sources that's gonna be moved to Harry Darren over the summer in a hilarious we just moved our horses around since I have no idea. It would just be funny if that was to happen. Best of luck Tyrion is an adventure and we'll talk to him about it soon. First time window for him, he's 20s sky part in here as well. It was quietly fancied by many children, but has had to take an entry in the meantime as well and has been beaten 44 and 18 lengths 20s for him would first have cheap pieces. Rory, who wins it? Well, I'd expect a greener team to bind back from that per run at the time when the nickel sauce was all running poorly any spaces that day. Growing softly wanted it to be called an accelerator already flown the horses over slot at no point pulling them out. Both of his runners are meeting me disappointed when Randy inside. Which was a massive disadvantage. And the horse she won this race last year comes to a fresh and I haven't been given a break since February. Although that wasn't the original plan, the plan I think was to go to Sheldon with him and he hadn't recovered at that stage. It was a slight question mark was granting about whether you want to take a short price about him given he's clearly had a problem. Since his last run or because of his last run and has taken him time to come right, you'd hope that he'd be right now and he's just a bit the right fear of the risk given he's won two ones over the course of distance. And that clearly makes him want to beat the only issue with his wins. You can't put holes in them to a degree and be out here last season, obviously. But the great Washington retired straight after that and when he won the tingle creek, I'm not sure that anything else give it's running on the race. You know, they're on an update, but they're not up to a pretty moderate horse at this sort of level. The two best watches are not for various reasons, including Negro who was only forced that day and we haven't seen him since, but he's got a record going well fresh. And he was very impressive first they might have Shelton. Again, you can knock all the form of the schlieren chase that he won. Given that those he was up against how many exactly cover themselves and glory since looked as strongly as on paper, but he was beating the veteran political log in the second. Could the cat lord hasn't been herself at school this season? And she was favored for that race and rouge. It was quite well fancy for that was last. And as badly to prove nice. So maybe Newbie negra's standby run isn't as good as it looks, but it's formed last season is very good. It was arguably unlucky not to win the championship chess. I can't imagine you could probably make about four runners in that contest, including the re opposing saw royal. He wasn't beaten far and last year's championship despite the fact that he was almost brought down coming down the hill when trying to come with an idiotic run on the inner really. He's had plenty of racing this season and my worry was so raw. He's got his grind. But he's been all the rest this season. He's like, well, she's never really taken his grace in particular. Well, he wants two runs when he's fresh. They want to break, and then he wants to have another two runs in the spring. And he's already had some 6 runs this season saw royal and I think he was showing signs that he was feeling the effect of a hard enough season. I was put onto a start at newbury, then again, I don't really understand him going to injury for a race over a trip he doesn't stay. I know it didn't look particularly strong with the mailing. And we finally started by training for team to go for that. But if you want to define a race for so well, this was the ideal one. The faster the grind the better for him. And I think if they've missed the entry and come here at a fast, it was chances, but I think there's a very strong chance that you'd be flat after entry given what is his overall form looks like. That's the same scenario overheard as well as first tribute to the hurdles this season and wasn't discredited in the fighting 5th and then king he went for a went from a fourth run in the international runners thinker there. And he was kicking himself or given the most too much to do, but of course he's now having his third run again after a brick and that rather puts me off. I think Newbie Negro is probably the safest safest bet here. He's a horseshoes. Sean foreman saw Brian, but he's always looked like a horse would be very, very happy on the quick surface. And he does look like he's been laid out for this downscale was not tempted to run him over a trip. He doesn't stay at entry. Was never attempted to run him in the championships and he comes here. Strictly speaking, you're the best of these on time. I'm reading if you believe that the form of the slower chairs, but even if you don't, his win in the desert Orchard last season the second of the championships given the same chances as grenadine on paper and given the Greenwich hasn't had the ideal prep for this. I think nougat negra is a safer bet of the power. By default, it comes down to new vinegar and to be completely honest. It's very, very difficult to argue with that. It's not like I can poke holes in the logic that you're using, interesting that the Irish horses that were interested didn't make the journey over. The three 32 is the all right, give us its original title, please. Well, the whitbread gold cup. The whitbread gold cup won by some of the roads. That's the name of a sponsor, a different sport, a bit better pulled out. Did they really be getting all the credit? Well, we're back in the back in their old days. All the greats would show up this year. Yes, but again, this is for race is worth 90,000. It suffers because of its proximity to the Irish man national the grand national. So in the Scottish grand national therapy. And the west wheels ground national. So it's nowhere near as classy a race as it once was. But we do have bizarrely have the one two from the Scottish grand national, which is which is pretty cool..

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