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When he came up i saw an old there slower mickey mantle played more free space than center field in the world very late sixties and early 70s also i cannot speak a directly myself i'm not quite old enough to be able to say i remember mantle when he came to the big leagues i wish it good but i can always go mostly big if he when he was way during earn career but not about later for the no i and it believe it or not and some people i got some yankee fans who hate me for this because they knew i grew up met guide to my father started work implemented 1960s do that but a friend of mine it was his birthday class made a mine i had already taken into amid game he and his father took me to mickey mantle day the day that they had the ceremony for mickey in his last season and the like and it stood for me forever as the longest standing ovation i've ever seen in my life and i reject a we little kids or seemed like went on forever and ever ever and our neighbor but it was great and i was in the stadium that day so i was there for mickey mantle day but that's the mic i remember i didn't see him play centerfield he came up in the fifties i didn't start watching baseball told nineteen sixty nine by danny would still play and some centerfield by the early seventy the mood pretty much time to first base the injuries have taken their toll on them still when he hit it when he caught it right when somebody made a mistake he could still hit the prodigious home runs in the i'd one of the the prettiest our swings ever certainly that i've ever seen to land and i would still say that today but i i can't speak to mickey mantle and what his arrival meant to the yankees what kind of player he was when he was young now now good tick off some more yankee fans because i'm gonna pointed out just a fact jack and you have to deal with it i've been blumenauer semi praise of erin judge today gifted before if you been listening to me here on a fan.

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