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That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training. Former military medics to serve rural America to helping expectant mothers recovered from opioid dependence. We're investing community by community for the health of America. Learn more at BC BS progress. Health dot com. The Blue Cross Blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies might team is turning the tide on cyber threats Martinez. Finding the small detail Invicta nineteen bringing new perspectives wherever work takes us. Join DDAT and own a career of possibilities. Dot com slash careers. DDAT is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran. I'm injury, John. What if I told you there's a way to skip DC area traffic? There is skip, the traffic go by water Potomac river boat company is here. Save a day. They offer one way round trip water taxis, between Alexandria, George national harbor and the war of daily through December not only do they run every home game and nationals park, feel they all through on early morning commuter service during the metro shutdown. I want you have road rage, and we stuck in traffic. I want you to relax and get weird going on time, Potomac river boat company. They got you back protected for up to ninety days while you shop for your new home with a rate shield approval. If rates go up your low rate stays lot. But if rates go down you get that new even lower rate, either way, you win talk to us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com to take advantage. Here's another great reason to work with us for a record nine years in a row. D power has ranked Quicken Loans highest in the nation in customer satisfaction. Faction for primary mortgage origination. Again to lock in today's low mortgage interest rate and get the security of our exclusive rate shield approval, call us today at eight hundred quicken or go to rocketmortgage dot com for JD power award information. Visit JD power dot com racial to prove only valid on certain thirty year fixed rate loans equal housing lender. Licensed in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty. This is a Morgan and Morgan consumer message. I'm Jon Morgan of Morgan.

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