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From the world of entertainment and pop culture at the top of every hour on my talk 1071 Now tell us everything. Reagan Marchal is one illegal bid to protect the anonymity of five friends who spoke to People magazine back in February of 2019. A British judge ruled today that the mail on Sunday can name the friends who came to Megan's defense anonymously. Megan is currently suing Publishers Associated Newspapers and the Mail on Sunday for printing extracts of a quote, private and confidential letter sent to her dad. Thomas Marchal back in August 2018 is still going on You still self it is. That's the thing that just Yeah, I have just so not been paying attention. No, because it's not. I mean, there's been so much else, right? Yeah. We've been very busy with other things. We are busy with things, so we'll move on to other things that that is true. Just you wait. All right, Royals involved. But we're oils included more celebrity justice news. Lisa Vanderpump. Her husband, Ken Todd, were hit with a class action lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay overtime way. Just hear their employees that, sir The restaurant made famous by the show Vanderpump Rules. Former hostess Olivia Hanson claimed that she and other employees were forced to work over eight hours a day 40 hours per week or even seven consecutive work days without receiving adequate compensation for their time. The suit also alleges the restaurant owners didn't properly track staff hours manipulated records and did not grant employees breaks for meals or to rest. That's good. It's not a good look. And finally Jay Cutler's instagram account. If J. Had Instagram has vanished, it is no more, you know. Okay going well. The move come shortly after Cutler's estranged wife, Kristin Cavallari, Surprise fans yesterday on her instagram by sharing a photo of herself with her former Laguna Beach love, Stephen Coletti. Well, let me just remind everybody what the original assumption wass that she was running his instagram account. So maybe she was like enough of that. But Diana dumped the zero and get with the hero by. I think she is. That's her mouth and she says that she's doing it wrong. Well, okay. I mean, all right, Well, that's all the dirt this hour for more checkup. I talk.

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