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Weeks. While they had most of the roads cleared, the clouds had not rounded the corners off it all. And so the long school Busses couldn't turn corners. So the county then had to come around the next week and spend time rounding the corners, Essentially, the Busses and get Eric Zimmerman was in high school or another, either much school system had enough days out of the end or gotten a waiver from the government recall how it worked, then. But when they required us to make up two days, so they said, Okay, we're gonna cut your spring break down by two days. We went that Monday that Monday night it snowed. They had to cancel school that Susan on. We never made up that last. You might wonder what would happen now, if a similar storm Blew into Indiana wouldn't just be a television experience. It would be a Facebook Twitter Indy channel dot com experience and it would be shared. Evan Gregory. Bob Gregory son is the chief meteorologist at our TV six in Indianapolis. Remember going to work with my dad and you had a physical national map? Local map MIDWEST map You put magnetic temperatures and cold fronts on the Mass as forecasting today is much more specific. We're giving you a time and Location specific forecast. And so I think that's the greatest change from back then, and getting you prepared is quicker and better, says Bradley Thatcher, director of response with the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Difference between 1978 and and what we do now is that we have much better technology. We have the availability of warning. The public much quicker, says people are much more weather aware. With the advent of smartphones, people can get forecasts and they can get whether emerges C alert 24 hours a day with them wherever they're at. And you might wonder. Could it happen again? Dave? Too sick with the National Weather Service. It's in many folks Lifetime the only substantial blizzard that to have impacted Indiana In a sense, you could call maybe a once in a lifetime event. But with the right conditions coming together, Another one could happen here again. It had an impact on me because I'm always ready for a week's worth of whatever could come James importantly before then, if you said there were so come and people really didn't do it, But stuff I think after that storm, you kind of saw a change in people's attitude. Because you'll get people along my age fifties forties sixties is all you have. We got So come and people react in no, no bum rushed the grocery stores and no clear the place out on when test Sunday. A I go to clear way Snow listening to Indiana and the Blizzard of 1978. Written and produced by Chris Davis. It was a good time to read it nor free catalogs. Interview. Spicy Jae Miller, Kurt Darling, Ashley Fowler and John Heritages is one of those Once in a lifetime opportunity that I really don't want to have to go through again. Archive work by Ashley Fowler and Henry Davis is expecting to be stuff one day when you get up, you see nothing is moving in. So you're gonna be here till they dig it out. I'm.

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