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Are the only coaches to win 30 games in their first year as a head coach. Bill Guthrie at North Carolina, Bill Hodges, Indiana state, brought Underwood at Stephen F Austin. Steve prome at Murray's state, Jamie Dixon went 31 and 5 in 2004, his first year as a head coach at Pitt. First he has a coach period. Brad Stevens did it. His first year as a head coach of butler won 30 games and then Stan heath won 30. He got there because he made the elite 8 in 2002. John Warren in Oregon, of course, you remember John Warren. 1945, played a 43 game season with 30 and 13. Those are the only head coaches to win 30 in their first year Tommy Lloyd I think it's going to do this. Now, as for the trivia time, the answers I just mentioned, I'm the only head coaches to get a one seed in their first season as a head coach. Guthrie at North Carolina who just went 34 and four was the national Naismith coach of the year, got a one seat and took Carolina to the final four. Inheriting the roster from Dean Smith. But that is an all timer and then Bill Hodges had Larry Bird after serving as an assistant at ISU. He went undefeated into the installed tournament and made the title game without a loss, finished 33 and one, ISU, of course, lost to Irvin Johnson and Michigan state in that epic classic Alzheimer 79 championship game. So those are the only two to get a one seed, the NCAA began conventionally seeding the field in 79. So they technically see that the field in 78, but the way they did it was it really wonky, and I didn't even consider that because it was between automatic bids and that largest. So the way we know the field to be seated started in 79, only two coaches have done it. Parrish, yes or no. Tommy Lloyd will become the third in less than a month. Yes. Agreed. Because hey, because I just think they're good enough to do it. But B, I don't know how many legitimate loss opportunities are on the schedule. You know, they've already played UCLA twice. You know, I think they're going to roll through the rest of this. I mean, they might take a loss somewhere. But I think they're going to be fine. And they're going to end up with a one seed. If you wanted to nitpick them a little bit and I'm not really interested in it. But they beat Michigan. The big wins, or Michigan Illinois, UCLA USC. Beat Michigan will Michigan was a mess, being an Illinois team that for whatever reason loses often. They split with UCLA. And then they beat a USC team that hasn't really beaten anybody other than UCLA. Yeah. So I don't know that Arizona can match the other elite teams in the country for top line wins. I mean, I know they got 6 quadrant one wins, but I just told you what the best of them are. And you can, as we've noted many times, all quadrant one wins aren't the same. And so if you wanted to nitpick them, that's the place to start, but this seems great. They're one of only two teams in the country, top ten in both offensive and defensive efficiency according to Ken pom. They play fast. Their experienced and Tommy's the goods, it looks like and we also talk about this all the time. You and I have known Tommy for a long time. And always assumed he would be a head coach someday, presumably at Gonzaga. When Mark stepped away. But when Arizona comes calling and mark's retirement is nowhere in sight, you know, mid to late 40s, there's no way you pass on that opportunity. So he took it, understandably so. And then it's like, now we get to see if you can do the job, you know? Great assistance don't always make great head coaches. There's a long list of them who have not been successful that on paper look like they absolutely would be. But Tommy has knocked this thing out of the park from the jump. I'm not too in the weeds about how the Arizona fan base or Arizona former players feel about him. But the former players, they were pushing for a former player. When the coaching search to replace John Miller was underway. And they weren't all thrilled with Arizona reaching outside of its quote family. But I would just assume, as we sit here today, they're all on board now. Because they've got one of the best teams in the country. And it's sort of wild to think about. But there is a scenario and I'm not predicting this. But there is a scenario. Where the longtime Gonzaga assistant wins the national championship before Gonzaga as a program wins a national championship. Again, I'm not predicting it. I'm just saying, it's very much as of February 14th, 2022. It's very much on the table. Yeah. I think there's a chance we might be discussing that kind of storyline as we get into the NCA tournament. Again, we'll see how peace is fall where they may. I know you mentioned off the top talking about the two dominant teams out on the left coast and Gonzaga being the other one there, Gonzaga just, you know, they destroy say, I'm not surprised. They want by as many as they did. I mean, I think they hit just about the line Paris in that game. They won by 1674 58. That's what it was. It was the line 16? Yeah. It's just a joke there. I did a piece on chat homeground late last week for CBS sports dot com and then drew Timmy oh, by the way, goes out and Tammy has a way of having these performances and just reminding everyone of how good he can be. And the fact that Timmy had 25 and 8 with 5 assists in that game against saint Mary's. And it's just the way that Gonzaga plays. It just it comes so naturally. If Timmy wanted more than 30, he could have had it in that game there. And so I just keep coming back to with Gonzaga. And go with us, wherever you want. But the thing I kept coming back with Gonzaga is not just that yeah, here we go again like one of the best teams in the country. If not the best team in the country, they just can beat you in so many different kinds of ways. And they don't even need selfishly when you dedicate so much time into writing like a feature you'd prefer the subject to then go out and be awesome. Like the next game in the game after that game after that because it draws more attention to it validates what you did. But I didn't expect it from Chet holmgren. He had been awesome leading up to it, and that's why we timed it. It was like, all right, it's finally time to take the lid off the story and kind of put it out there. But Chad holmgren didn't need that either have a big game. And they don't need them to. That's the other thing. It's kind of what I hit on in that story. The very fact that Chet holmgren can be a threat to have a 25 12 and 5 kind of night actually makes Gonzaga that much more daunting to prepare for and play against. Chet holmgren can have nights where he doesn't do any of that stuff, frankly. And they didn't need him to do it against saint Mary's, which is one of the best teams they're going to play this season. Homegrown finished with 11 points, 13 boards and three blocks, and it was more than enough. He had an okay game for his standards, nem was good. Timmy was absolutely awesome. Gonzaga runs away with it again. And they are number one in your rankings and number one across the board in every predictive metric..

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