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Andrew Davis were laying down spike strips to stop him and Blankenship allegedly struck their patrol vehicles on purpose says officer grant took the brunt of the impact she will be flown to UC Medical Center and died later that night sergeant Davis was treated for minor injuries and later released Blankinship was also injured he spent nearly a month in the hospital before he was transferred to the Hampton county justice center yesterday while wearing officer grants hand cuffs governor Mike DeWine says when Ohio starts to re open its economy in may it will be done slow with the intention of getting as many people back to work as they can without causing a new spiking coronavirus cases for most there's one type of business they're anticipating to reopen governor DeWine says probably the most asked question he gets is when can I get a hair cut he's aware many of us are way past due I get this question a lot and I understand I understand as you can see I'm I'm past due for a for a hair cut it's a service that obviously can't be performed with six feet of separation but the governor says they are still studying what to do about their profession works boring with the the board that regulates the those two professions I'm Matt Rees news radio seven hundred WLW Ohio now has five hundred fifty seven total coronavirus for related deaths with over thirteen thousand seven hundred total cases there was both good news and bad news during governor Andy Beshear's covered nineteen update today I have to announce that we have lost seventeen Kentuckians one seventeen as it's a hard number to take he says of those seventeen deaths thirteen were residents of a long term care facility while the numbers seem higher than normal this year said Kentucky has likely plateaued in terms of case averages and this suggests that over the three days where one day we had a really high number of one day we had a lower number and now today we have the hundred and seventy seven that we have in fact likely plateaued he says the new total of confirmed cases is three thousand one hundred ninety two I'm C. Sandoval Indiana governor Eric Holcomb says businesses will not open until sometime after the first of may but they're thinking ahead of time on how to do it and it will be directly dependent on what the numbers are on the ground that allows us to address not win necessarily but how we gotta get the hell down as of today Indiana has six hundred thirty destined to cover nineteen a nearly twelve thousand one hundred total cases.

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