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Grab you meet at a boomers fridge. Get one long bone rebuy albouy per person. Yes that's right right okay. Then how many burger packets do we take so. I took two your in to burger packets two so four burgers okay. I took three. Oh pig i got more you got more. There was a lot more in there. Okay jim moret each for eddie and allen. Okay they meet when you can to meet to meets the long bomber by. That's right in rib bone in rib iphone in cowboy. You can really. You can grab all your meat. I don't know why it needs such that long bone on it like what wavering but the flavoring the part that's touching the meat but the long bone. That's not touch Well just what you do. Just eat the damn thing and the bonte whimsey. Can you flip. But when you flip it can you grab a by the bone. Yeah but make sure though that you have a piece of aluminum foil bones hi fi. We'll get hot. Yes and then when you take it off the grill let it sit for a minute more than a minute. Five minute five minutes and then also use the meat thermometer. No i don't do meat. Thermometer see i think you should. You really should so then. Like let's say thick those things are probably going to cut it in half I wouldn't do that. What are you man. You've just start acting like a man. Will you please cut it out there at the barbecue and do it. The right way cut it probably butterfly. Yeah i'm with you potter fly. Yeah i will make sure it's cooked. Well that's why use a meat thermometer nice and slow just have patients yeah meat. Thermometers way you know if it's cooked or not. Is there border flying and stuff like that. Then it's taken all the or coast not going to ruin it. I'm gonna douse it with salt. And i'm going to enjoy the hell out of it. all right. That was gonna do steak sauce homeless. I peter luger's steaks off. I do yeah. I'll let you know steak sauce. Come on its stake is not good. If you have to use steak sauce feisty someone dunkin a piece of steak sauce then. It's not a good steak and by the way this cowboy revived from cigarroa. Best at homestake. I've ever had not even.

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