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You only knew this was coming for a week. I don't take you run around rod for ribbon. Everything up gay come up with one damn story. Did I told you I need to I need to get my creative juices flowing through this whole process and something you'll you'll trigger a memory. I'm sure. Remember god. Damn I was getting a mood for podcast, Dan. I'm on Ted's schedule because Matt has mercy here. And this is the last I said, I just did a cane interview, I talked to WWE superstar Cain Len Jacobs and time to I'll continue you'd like it cat. He's really smart is Red Eye shit Paulo books. He's just end to do just laid back to get into move podcasts. It was kind of a slow uneventful day out here in Nevada and we're heading over to our niece's house for. For Christmas Eve, gimmick, whatever some kind of breakfast type thing then we're coming back over here. And I figured man fuck, you know, a lot times. I'll just I'll get an damn corvette I bought and I'll take califor- Rudd. I'll just cruise damn back roads. And I'd rath- slow this fucking car teddy. It's got six hundred fifty horsepower. It's got six hundred and fifty feet pound pound feet. Whatever you wanna call him a torque. Amana Susan jumped out on highway a little gimmick mama house, dude. I'll just set my cruise control on fifty five because they patrol the shit out of that damn highway, and I got I'm running radar, and I do I just drive car slows motherfucker because it's just too much. And in a I'm on the backgrounds Kerr's round cruise around and just just having a good time. And they can okay what it mean? Teddy going to talk about a couple of stories and in college Noverre sleeping Oma arm. I'm listening to Coney jinx Dobie sessions. And then I get back on a highway. I said, you know, what really remember the test draft when I first test grove about car, and it had eleven hundred miles on man. I robbed often that motherfucker a little bit. And it scared shit out of me. And then I did it again is scared shit out of me again as myself as one Fluck would you want car like so much cumia right said, why did it goes fast? And then I said well while under drive it like a normal car man, go slow, and I did. And so in their own reason about the God damn car was because I've had three corvettes I keep selling them. And I figured it's been my kind of dream car. So Magic's figured I'll.

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