Obama Administration, Clintons, Reagan discussed on Overnight America with Jon Grayson


On your mind as great um one thing i wanna say effect the park wicket prayerful of why we need to close our borders yeah it's going to be listening to say of this guy's homegrown or to come in from other countries some other country in he became in from one of these countries that we one of countries that trump wanted to travel ban on it's gonna be held obey isn't it well yeah you're right but um another reason i called is i am so grew right oh i have finally picked up from one area being ghazi twice shannon and have a rest down man is going to prosecute him the i know it it's amazing have we didn't get much of this going on during the during the obama administration did we know we are nothing going on an abomination in administration and the clintons have got away with it hillary's got away with martyr on my at knowing no doubt it is you're saying like that out murder has blood all over her hand while the power reagan that democrat senate and everybody have your car in bear head on it and in my mind john it is by have your here's my blood on their hands ishida powers anwar and they have by not a rare your after all this other stuff has come out and we know there is gonna pay more star if the klan there well there you go mango todd bill miller is todd starnes all of his todd cern's from fox news.

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