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Tonight. Triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred. So we've got Facebook yet. Facebook back online baseball has been down for those. You don't know as we've been down all around the country today. Instagram's been down face wind down some strange mystery is why it's down. In fact, I just barely was able to click into my ground zero with CLYDE Lewis Facebook Facebook at ground zero radio. Just barely got into it. I've been I've not been able to touch it all day and not been able to reply to any of my. Inbox messenger. Nothing. It's it's been dead. And was hilarious. Is that this is? Okay. If you wanna know what's going to happen? If the internet was ever to go away, we did a whole show about that. Last. I talked about the internet. It's thirtieth birthday. The year that was to go away. What would happen? What would we do that sort of thing today was a good example of what happens because people were calling the police? People were calling police agencies asking them, where's my Facebook? They call the cops they needed Facebook. New Zealand got a call. New Zealand got a call their police was being called New Zealand. All over the country. People are panicked. Where's my Facebook? Where's by Facebook? Maybe if you had Facebook today, a you don't you are you cannot relate, in fact at the moment, I'm looking at my Facebook. Well, okay. It's loading a lot of it's still loading hasn't been touched since last night. So yes, Facebook is back. See if I can look at some other things here, she was fully functional. Yeah. It's slow. It is really slow. Yeah. Very slow. But it's back, and it's been gone. I thinks it's ten o'clock this morning. So just in time for our show. Facebook is. So anyway. That that was just so bizarre. In fact, I was I zero hedges back. The euro hedges back on Facebook. So for those of you that couldn't go to zero hedge and post information on Facebook without being blocked. It's been unblocked down. They say it was an unfortunate mistake. They block zero hedge from Elizabeth Warren on the other hand she's getting blocked because she said bad things about Facebook say she wants to take them down. Yeah. Facebook takes down. Elizabeth Warren's ads breaking up Facebook. This was released yesterday. Facebook briefly takes worn ads warns ads that were breaking on Facebook. Elizabeth Warren might have felt vindicated crusade against monopoly of tech giants like Facebook and Google. But then when she made a full blown offensive against Facebook. Facebook just said, well, we will run your advent. We just won't run your ads anyway, it's time to break up Amazon Google and Facebook was her ad, and they wouldn't they wouldn't. Of course, you wouldn't get any respect for that comment from them the big the the big money making conglomerate internet companies from Sajad. Take down anything. I mean, they're going to let that go down that happen. Everything's right. As right now, everybody's back to normal. No more calling the police. Facebook is now down to business and talk about really cool stuff tonight. And I hope you're ready. We got some really great stuff for you tonight. Last night. Are there any project blue book fans? Listening tonight. I a big project blue book fan, and you know, why it's really kind of a strange dichotomy. I'm a big fan of both X files dark skies and Bryce Zabel has been on this program. Many times talking about his TV show dark skies. And I mean, I don't know if anybody who's a fan of dark skies, but art bell actually made an appearance in dark skies. And I thought that was really cool when he was he was a Senator or congressman and they were doing reviews on UFO's dark skies is set during the nineteen fifties. Nineteen sixties when UFO is going on. Then of course, X-Files cata modern day. But project blue book is down on the history channel their last episode of the season tenth episode went by really fast. Tenth episode called Washington. Merry go round aired last night. And I've invested my interest in this program. And I it's kind of like if the X files was ever to have a prequel. I think the show would be at because it's kind of like the Cold War. It's kind of like moulder and Scully, but it's hynick, and and some other, you know, tight soldier that wants to keep everything quiet. Yeah. The guy who plays Hynix pretty cool. And it said, I think the guy from the place hynick is from game of thrones. But even though the TV shows are working fiction, and we had Schmidt Donald shred on the program to talk about because he worked with hynick. And you know, he was saying. Yeah. A lot of it's fictionalized in. But it a lot of the episodes for me stuck out. There was an episode that was on prior to this kind of reminded me of the Betty and Barney hill, obstruction of affair. And of course, that's what it was based on. It was just instead of a black couple in a white coat a white man in a black man in a couple. They had just a whole black coupled with the guy was having these objections scenarios, and I was thinking, wait a minute. It's like, Betty and Barney hill, why don't they just have the mixed? I guess maybe just didn't think it would work. But. They were a mixed relationship back then was kind of controversial. And they did it really. Well, it was really compelling. And and that's the thing is they've taken a lot of the facts they worked in a lot of fiction and make it interesting and. At the end, though, they tell you the truth at the end, they tell you what went on. And what was what the series was based on? That's what I like about. It is it it takes you on the journey. And then it says here's what we used for this series for this for this particular episode in the series. We did this historical moment new photo that we did this and Ufology. And and and the reason why this happened, and what the military said, you know, what blue book said, it was whether it be swamp gas or birds or you know, whether balloons of the gods, or whatever it was. He just tell you what it is. Right. So. Last night was the final called Washington. Merry go round. That was the name of it and it provided. I believe a looking glass where you go back. You look in the nineteen fifties and Harry Truman. Bless his heart. Harry Truman makes appearance in this in this particular series, a guy plays them. He's a he's a character. Actor I think there was in Shawshank Shawshank Redemption to play the warden he plays Harry Truman and. Harry Truman if you if you go back, I I've done I have presented. Powerpoint presentations and a lot of UFO gatherings in mcminnville in other places tight about how Harry Truman was very open about flying saucers very opening about you a photos and a lot of the military were uncomfortable with that. Because once he was briefed on the matter. He was open about it. And in fact, even mentioned it in the series where one of the top brass is being questioned after they had a UFO a major UFO sightings over Washington DC. He said, well, what are we gonna do? Now, the Truman is aware. He's little Truman's. A goes we're gonna have a real commander in chief coming up with you're talking about Eisenhower being a military general being a part of the the the whole government. And so it's just a a an amazing way of looking back at how it was handled. Now, I'm sure that it was probably handled a lot probably a lot worse than I it's being shown here. I mean, I don't think that. I don't think the brass was ever tolerant of anything. Speaking of flying saucers are aliens ready that nature so the Washington merry go round is based on the UFO flap. I believe it's nineteen fifty to Washington DC. I don't know many people know this, but in one thousand nine hundred fifty to Washington DC there was this major sighting of UFO's flying over the nation's capital, and they were bright bright orbs flying over the capital. And they they were actually a whole a couple days of this. We're bogies were being detected on radar who are flying near the capital and many people saw it. It was all over the news. It was worldwide. They're going be aliens landing in the United States. And I think that's where we got the whole notion of if they land on the White House lawn, and then we will believe they're they're real. Well, they didn't land on the on the White House lawn, but he's certainly a flew over. The White House. They certainly flew over the capitol building. So it was it was basically several weeks. There a dozen unexplained objects. That repeatedly streets across the skies. They were spotted by radar professional pilots. There were a lot of credible. Witnesses that came forward the air force scrambled fighter jets, but the saucers out random and even in the project blue book account same thing, they were doing this. I mean, that's the thing if you know anything about you, Laura, I'm not giving you any spoilers because these these are based on on on true stories. So they were talking about the incident. I'm not giving away. Details. There's a there's a whole drama thing. Going on in a whole. That would be spoilers but gave it to me the historical accounts. Well, the incident, of course, I find it interesting that broadcasts going on. And it was like you must have dug up some archive broadcast of announcing the saucers over Washington was just really cool to be in the middle of that is like, wow, you know, it's not just covered in the big city papers covered all over the country. It's local publications ran the stories national wire services were sending it all over the world. You know? Of course, it was added in some areas with different details to fit the agenda. They wanted to spend with the saucers, but there were sidebars actually with local saucer news, like if someone else saw saucer, they said, well, all man clam over there. The farm saw the saucer. And then of course, there's a few things like Albert Einstein. What does he think if you kind of like getting today, you know, you know, Stephen hawking or Michio Kaku or somebody? So what do you think of UFO's? So there was actually a new. News report scared people about whether or not the Soviets. So.

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