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It's tough to count that far back so Mike Zimmer was on on the coaches sub committee that recommended this point of emphasis on. What's it's being called lobster block? It's technique that the NFL is telling offensive lineman when they wrap their arms around defenders on the backside of runs that that's been illegal and that's not going to be now going to be illegal and the players are having a very difficult time adjusting to it. Mike Zimmer was asked by Kevin ciphered of ESPN DOT COM. I hope it gets corrected. That's what I hope not not. The flags the technique quote. I hope team stopped doing it but if they don't they should throw the flag. It's cheating and I will say the response to that. I understand your coach understand. What is by the rule of law is or isn't it's brutal to watch again. I'm spitting truth. I don't WanNa see Shawn haughtily ninety times a game. I just don't and I don't WanNa be sitting there holding my breath after a big play and something was happening on the back end of the play that seems to me as a fan has nothing to do with it it and he gets wiped out and the number of times the poor jets last night. I think they set a record for the number of second and twenty three snaps inside their own five yard line. They had last night because all the holding one after another. There's gotta be a gray area. Sometimes point of emphasis stuff gets loosened by the by the middle of the season. It's got to happen. That's my first down down here on the rich Eisen show now. You're hearing all about the Jaguars should go get relenting right. Nick FOLES IS GONNA. Come back middle of the season. Here's what I've said all this. I am all in on Gardner Mints You. I I am all in on this kid. If I'm the Jaguars I am excited to see what I've got. In this sixth round selection 'cause this kid can wing it around around in the in this day and age of more and more wide open offenses like the one. Mike Leach was running is making it into the NFL absolute and I just love the whole Gardner meant. You mean shoeless. I I mean I. I love the photograph that made around this week. Everybody thought it was coming off the plane in Houston. I didn't apparently earlier this year. He looks like he's the the the quarterback as I've mentioned the Jacksonville Jaguars. He stretches in his jock strap in the locker. Karolyi beats to his own drum. I mean it's just reeks of like Ken Stabler type stuff. He's got a great vibe the Jaguars the bars need a great vibe crew clearly don't touch it just keeps going and and maybe even nick foles comes back. I'm sorry let's let's let's see what he can put together. I am all in on this kid and I can't wait to see it all play out. That's my second down. Here's third-down okay. We go the. We're trying to get a little hollow yeah okay. Here's third down on the rich Eisen show okay. I liked the idea for the New York jets to do the following okay. I understand write this down notes. Okay I understand it makes no sense and I understand no. I understand I understand when darnold Arnold comes back. He's got to play games. I get it yes but here's what the jets should do. They should tank also season's over tank and tank to the dolphins and let the dolphins win at all when they play him and get that first overall for all selection and sit there and say hey dolphins. I don't care how many first round picks you've got to trade up. Who else wants to bring it on and sent to a somewhere else and mess with the dolphins tank job own picks and go ahead and win with Sam Darnold next year. The jets should tank just to mess with their rivals that dolphins. That's the way to do it. Who else wants the first overall pick. We're not Senate to you Miami Hi. It's amy because you're not first overall we are. We tanked worse than you wouldn't. That be. Season is not total blast fourth-down all right I mean I don't know who's going to get much hotter than that here on fourth down with the hot take while I'm GonNa give you a playoff team. Okay who is my sleeper team in the NFC going sleeper team in the NFC coming into this year the San San Francisco Forty niners right right right to know for the first time having won both of their road games never done it before now. James G takes on Mason Jason Rudolph in his first game as a starter on the road that smells of three now shared as you got a bye week then they're going to stick it to the Cleveland browns. Oh really yeah yeah. That's a foreign oh star football rice. It will be and I say that the San Francisco Forty niners at least ten games in there you'LL WANNA wildcard teams in the National Football Conference this year they are going to win in places like Washington seven and won the first half of the year Carolina might have Kyle Kyle Allen coming into their house and week. That's my fourth down hot. Take maybe I should have reversed. Say I kind of liked liked that. Take the jets one's pretty hot tank the whole year the whole year it's over why brings. Sam Back and put his spleen at risk so have Sam set the whole season and I'm thinking this all the way okay all right but all I'm saying is that the one way to mess with the dolphins right is to tank worse than them and basically basically say we don't need a quarterback who wants to and send them elsewhere and let them tank for nothing tanks for nothing as caddyshack Eddie Shack reference or no or go. Go Get Justin Herbert up in Oregon because you get into. We're all your tanking. Gay said Darnold is at the facility today okay. I'm not saying my my idea makes sense but it just pursue this. Whole Miami thing just rubs me the wrong way. Eight four four zero four rich is the number to Dow when we come back we chat with the the One and only Matthew Stafford effort of your Detroit lions before Ben Folds shows up in studio in our number three okay. This is a thirty second commercial and I'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me..

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