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Include low red blood cell and low platelet counts infections. Tiredness nausea sore mouth abnormalities in liver blood tests. Diarrhea hair thinning or loss vomiting rash and loss of appetite. Alfred draper's was born on october. Ninth eighteen fifty nine news all sas. Which at the time was french territory. Although parts of alsace had a lot of german influence me lose in particular was seen as the most french of the city's about ten percent of the population of news also jewish including the dreyfus family. Alfred's parents were raphael. And genetic davis raphael was a merchant dealing in various types of trade before eventually focusing on fabrics and buying a mill in jeanette was a seamstress and the family was very comfortable. The dreyfus family had slowly built up their wealth over several generations transforming themselves from a family of peddlers to a prosperous a group of employers landowners and business owners and they had also tried to assimilate with french society over the course of those generations. Rafael's generation had changed the spelling of the family's last name from d. r. e. f. u. s. s. with diarrhea over the y two d. r. e. y. f. Us without that accent mark rafael engineers. First languages were a judeo alsatian dialect and german but they gave their children french. Names like orientate and lille and they made sure that they all learned fluent french. Alfred was the youngest of seven surviving siblings and he and his older brother matt. You were the first ones in the family to learn french. Ask their first language. The dreyfus family witnessed the franco. Prussian war firsthand. German troops invaded muluzi's where they were living conscripting vast amounts of supplies and threatening to sack the city if those demands were not met the people of also secretly sent the same amount of goods and supplies to the french army. Which is sort of a a wonderful little in here One of alfred's older brothers also joined the lasagna sessile clinton to fight against germany during the war when the treaty of frankfurt ended the war on may twenty first eighteen. Seventy one france ceded most of alsace and part of lorraine to germany and this included news and if the dreyfus family continued living there that would mean they would be considered german. but the dreyfus's loyalty was to france. They considered themselves french at the same time. There are also some practical considerations involved their home and their business were in may lose. The dreyfus family was still trying to decide what to do. When he passed a conscription law. That was going to force alfred and some of his older brothers to serve in the german military. That really settled the matter. The family decided to move to french. Territory leaving alford's oldest brother jacques. Who was too old to be conscripted to see to the family business. Alfred's mother also stayed behind it. I because she was too ill to travel. It was not military service in general that the dreyfus family objected to it was the idea of serving in an army that they felt was their enemy which they had seen defeat the nation that they considered to be their own alfred ultimately decided he did want a career in the french military based on what he had witnessed during the franco prussian war and because he wanted his former home returned to france to that end alfred entered code polytechnique in eighteen seventy eight and he graduated in eighty he decided to join the artillery which required additional training and education. He was recommended for the coast of the game which was a newly established school for officers and he was described as being spirited with lively intelligence and qualified to teach horsemanship dreyfus taught mathematics and drafting while continuing his education and while he was in the middle of all that he also met his future wife. Lucy hammered. They got married in april of eighteen ninety with a civil wedding on the eighteenth in a jewish ceremony on the twenty first. Alfred's army rank meant that there was a minimum dowry required for his marriage to be approved but lucy's family was even more wealthy and prominent than the dreyfus family was so this was not a problem. Rabbi zadok khan chief. Rabbi of france presided over their wedding. Alfred and lucy would go on to have two children. Pierre leo in one thousand nine hundred one and june done in eighteen ninety three dreyfus graduated from a closed today in eighteen ninety two he ranked ninth out of eighty one in his class and that earned him a place in the french army's general staff which he joined in one thousand nine hundred eighty three thanks to his officers supplement which was meant to offset the cost of living in paris and lucy's come and his own inheritance after his father's death in eighteen ninety three alfred dreyfus and the rest of the family lived very comfortably. They had an alsatian wet nurse to care for the children. Alfred indulged in his love of fine chocolates and cigars and he had his uniform. Specially tailored alfred dreyfus became the highest ranking jewish person in the french army and the only jew on staff at the french army's general headquarters and military reforms that had followed the franco prussian. War had really allowed this to happen. The military had become more of america crecy rather than an organization in which aristocrats automatically became officers regardless of their competence and performance. Not only in france. But also in other european countries the army had also become an organization that was seen as a noble and patriotic pursued rather than the last resort for people who had nothing in their family background or any skills to distinguish themselves. But this shift in the french military also meant that dreyfus didn't always fit in with his peers and with older officers especially in his younger years. He was known to visit nightclubs in racetrax from time to time and before he'd met lucy he's had had relationships with various women. He does seem to have been intensely devoted to her after he met her. But the culture among many of the other officers was more one of excessive drinking and debauchery and gambling and none of that was really dreyfus's thing he could also be fairly aloof and he was ambitious in his military career which came off to people as being arrogant. His family wealth made him the target of envy as well. During his education he worked really hard in pretty austere circumstances as did his classmates but a lot of them were just barely starting to make ends meet on their military salaries at this point in their career while dreyfus had finished his education with financial comfort. Already waiting for him in september of one thousand nine hundred four. The french army's counterintelligence unit which was known as the statistics section retrieved a torn up document from the wastebasket of lieutenant. Colonel maximilien von schwarzkoppen. The german military attache. The statistics section was employing a cleaning woman who routinely delivered wastebasket contents for.

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