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So close, Mike. One more day one day more. Either way it works. We are getting the NFL season. It's an exciting time. I go back obviously, a lot of years before my first game and even had to wait a year because I was on my first year side the entire first year is an IRA was on IRA for the whole season break my ankle and training camp. So had to wait a whole 'nother year to actually get out on the field and the to have one of the first game against the bears and tackle Walter Payton. Yeah, yeah. Luckily, reverse tackle was. Luckily, my first sackable luckily up the middle. It was an upper middle play tackle them. And you know when you're on the field. You don't you don't think I just tackle Walter Payton. It's just a number two years. Someone you tackle the afterward. You realize wow as Walter Payton. But a little later in the game I had an outside. There was an odd type play play nose tackle. But I I made it to the outside, and it was kind of me and him, and I was on the ground and he was running down the field. So it worked a lot better when I could tackle a member of the tackles. And there a lot less room to move. And this is obviously the end of his, you know, his career. But boy, oh boy. It was interesting now, it's funny. You say that because our our former colleague here Merril Hodge was a running back, obviously at Idaho state and went on to play and have a great career at the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of his first preseason games was against the bears. He waited until after the game was over and ran across the field to shake Walter Payton's hand, Mike and just told them. Hey, you're the reason I play baba bottle, blah, and he actually got an autograph from Walter and all that kind of stuff. And he he thought it was a great thing in the world and some of his Steeler teammates and said do. Yeah. I didn't go that far. Sure to shake his hand after the game. But I didn't go all fan. Boy. But I was like I like to tell the story. You know, the story always gets better afterward that I tackle him and I stood up. And I said, you ain't so bad. I got you got nothing older sweetness, no sourness experience. I we've got a lot to get to week got hall of fame guests coming up in just a little bit. So let's do what we always do by starting with what's trending and it took a while. But it trended the right direction for Ross doll four hours and forty nine minutes in a five-set for that went to a fifth set tiebreak before he finally beat Dominic team to move on to the semifinals. The defending champ two wins away now from his.

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