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Go start by going to HP S dot me slash go. That's H B S dot ME slash co. To and. Yeah, I'm excited. Yes. We are here to update you on everything that happened yesterday on the live feeds for celebrity big brother two, and we got some before eviction stuff. And we've got some after eviction stuff to talk about fiends are down for because of the live show in the live veto and addiction. He's our offer big portion of the midday but stuff earlier in the day and then late late or early morning, depending on how you look at it. Yes. So here we go. Let's get into this this crazy. Not that crazy. Unfortunately. I mean depends on what your definition of craziest. That's crazy. There's some very disappointing. I was so I was in such disbelief that I had to tweet it out to make sure that this is really a thing that happened. So wait for that. Natalie in Lolo are going to be talking earlier in the day. This is before the vixen. Action. They have agreed to take out tame, mar if over Dina if Ryan or Joey end up winning the veto tame was going to be the person that if Joey ended up winning that veto in the episode or Ryan had been picked and won the veto. However, they do recognize that it seems like Cato wants DNA to stay because he's closer to Dina than they are DNA would come after them before she came after him or Tom. So they recognize that, but they're still willing to let Margot I. Yeah. I mean, that's a lose lose -tuation last night. Like, I'm still I'm still not quite a over it. I didn't wanna lose Ryan and getting rid of are would affect to. I mean, they're definitely acknowledging that that scene. A- is less good for their game than tame are. But it seems that they're still willing to to. I mean, cut fat from from the supposed girls alliance. That isn't even really an alliance just those two. But I mean, I was feeling like oh, man. I I definitely don't wanna lose Ryan. But I also don't lose. Mar this really is a lose lose situation. But I'll say this at least Ryan would've competed in the H company. We're not there yet. We're not there. A wait for them. So low low, and Tom Cato have a conversation. There was a whole mess happening where taymor at one point told the women that Dina was not gonna use the veto if she won and that she's in order to protect Ryan, and Joey she's not gonna use the veto. So that they can't be back doored and so low she goes and tells Tom and Kato and Cato's like what? No, no, that's not true. We need to go talk to Dina and make sure that that she does that. She does use the veto. And Tom is just like, well if she doesn't use the veto. We'll just voter out. It was like, no, no, no, no. He's like, well if she doesn't use the she is going to use the veto. Yeah. But if she doesn't use the veto nobody we're going to tell her to use the veto. And Tom Tom is like, well, no, no, no don't talk to her don't tell her letter decider own fate. She wants to not use to voter out. So they're talking about the day in the end talking to Dina, and they say, hey, we've heard that you might not use. She's like what why would I not use the veto? That's make any sense. Fill like, okay. Good. Good Dina's pissed. I can't believe that. She said a swear word. I don't remember what it was. But she was like, oh, okay. Could swore. She was she was very mad. I mean Dana is playing the game a little bit. She does at least have the three of us veto on yourself. And you know. Again, Dina's credit in this conversation. I just wanna work with you guys. Just like I want to be on your team. And like just the day before she was talking with Ryan and Joey like, hey, we get a pull in. We get a pulling candy, and she is she is in like she's floating like she is actively floating in this game, which is actually kind of working well too. So I don't don't close your eyes on on DNA here. She's prepared for DNA lo Han art, celebrity big brother to. In my opinion, one of the more likely scenarios right now. Yeah. So definitely start preparing. So..

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