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Graduates out there and i want to make sure that there is actual graduate if you graduated college meaning you have to go back to you completed your degree if you graduated high school gay graduate you don't have to go back there's people out there this is one of those things that i don't understand because i don't have kids and i'll never understand because i don't have kids but i was a kid once i didn't graduate kindergarten i passed i think graduate i great i pass i think graduate ii third fourth fifth i agree i passed i passed those greats then graduate many more everything's a everything's this huge stinking celebrate little little tv graduated secretary he passed he graduate security path second great these off the whole graduation think he's still going to go back to that school or go back to our elementary school the next year let me be happier kit past five but not that i swear i thought i thought it was funny when billy madison did it in the movie were every time he passed a great there was a huge party unfortunately that's actually real real life now some parents solid where we go or we need a secondgrade graduation no you don't not everything is an event not everything is an accomplishment drives me crazy and another thing while i'm on it some pair i have an idea that goes back going and at the end of the day i know it's a bad idea i know it's a bad idea because we don't want to have to ask somebody permission to live our lives okay we don't need to ask the government's approval for every little thing we do in our day both some of the stories we had this week i'm edging closer and closer john almost requiring the parents become certified before they become pregnant if you wanna have a kid you need to be a certified perent.

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