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Again, We will talk more about the NFL some false positive tests. That have come out and the laboratory in New Jersey that is being looked at by the NFL because of some of these nine false positive for the Bears 10 false positive for the Jets. Adam Schefter reporting 12 presumptive positive test for the Vikings as wells. We will talk about that here on Sunday morning on ESPN radio, but Let's get to our next guest here. Join us on the shell. Pennzoil Performance line. Randy, wait for Ohio say, is he not there, guys. She's not there, okay? Not there yet. We're going to get to that in a matter of moments, but the story coming out, we'll get to Randy. Wait in a matter of moments, but about the big 10. And the fact that you had the Big 10 office kind of operating, according to the Omaha World Herald in silos and discussing certain things, Kevin Warren with the athletic directors who By all accounts most, if not all, the athletic directors wanted college football to take place. They were in favor of it. But then the presidents and chancellors were on the other side, saying, No, we don't want to do that. We had Ryan Smith on last segment. Last hour, ESPN legal analyst mired Metcalf saying that Look, the the lawsuit from the Nebraska parents might actually work said It's a 50 50 proposition not for return to play but for more transparency and some of the information to come out about why they made the decision that they did. Yeah, I think you've mentioned this multiple times on the show Matt At the end of the day, the big 10 will have to find a way to recover from this from an image standpoint, because this is a lot of turmoil. They're going to have to, and it's going to be interesting to see what happens there. Randy, Wait is Thie Father Sean Way? The Ohio State parent who was kind of one of the leaders of this of this protest at the Big 10 office on Friday, joins us now on Sunday morning on ESPN radio. Randy, What did you want to accomplish on Friday? Uh, this communication, um, set a lot of communication and start something that you know it's a bit more than letters and petitions. Justin feels the pain. The effort of the Big 10 office. I think we all understand. Kevin Warne is certainly the face of this. But why are we seeing more protest outside the offices of the president's throughout the big tent actually voted it made these decisions. Being there Things like some great idea, but we should look into somebody you might happen. Have you have you had conversations or correspondence with leadership in Ohio State, specifically the president. No, I don't mean I don't. I don't want it. That's not me. That's not my issue. My issue is our kid. Uh, one more conversation, more clarity, more transparency about using that thing came about and what can we do further to make a football and a teacher? That's not me. I'm just the battery since the alternator Libya I'm just the match started. The current president of the different organisations are getting together this week and they're the ones we're going to organize. Communication between President of communication between Kevin one If you ever thought you were just the master, Have you heard anything? Has your group heard anything from anyone associated with the big 10? No, not that I know what I I talked to parents from. You know, Nebraska. I will, um, from Purdue from 66 things. As far as I know, none of us heard it. But I don't speak for everyone. Everyone starting to get together. Now we're gonna have a couple meetings today to see what our next steps are and kind of open there. I'm curious about this ever how much of this is tied? So the concern that we might not be able to play football in the spring either. Best way is if people got stop saying we just want football we just want for about You say this conference in the country? We feel that Saying things were handled was just it was crazy, and we just for luck, but not a scheduled for this stuff. You couldn't explain that the same thinking keys. We don't want the head if you do not bring that fire, But let's get some communication to make sure everything is in place. The doctors will be disappointed and have to play to spring and kids that get in the cab playing offering kids gotta talk to agent to make sure you get a good idea for them to do it. You know, so like The insurgency is very important. You know, People don't want to look a college football reasons, but it's a business for these kids up. Randy Wade, father of Ohio State cornerback Shawn Way, joining us here Sunday morning on ESPN Radio. Matt Check along with mired Metcalf. Kevin Warren sent out that letter to the Big 10 community. Late last week. Why was that letter? Not good enough? Because it was specifically didn't tell me the reason that he shows not play in the fall, and it did it. Say what schools Chose voted against. No one knows if they had a vote, but they didn't have a vote. We just want to know who want people to stand up and say, Okay, we chose not to have a vote because of this, you know, and because of whatever you say we want to know what's going to be different in this plane. You know what's the time frame in spring? Right now on ESPN dot coms. NFL mock draft for 2021 Your son right now is listed as the eighth Vic. In that upcoming draft. If Shawn finds out that the big 10 has found a way to play, let's say an eight game schedule in the spring. What does Sean do, knowing that he has that NFL opportunity waiting right there for For the first round of play, because, uh, draft and come by so close when it happened. Come off. If you have a good son, you keep that that, uh That mark and in whatever it is, yes, it don't matter. It's about the teams looking at him for NFL. People think that all these months thereafter there but have your school stuff like that, But it's about really The college football teams inspection looking at, you know, they give you the opportunity to get sick so hard, so so not planning a spring, So whatever people do not even think about it if they get the ball to combine in a draft How far back would they have to move it for you to consider it? What kind of gap would there have to be between football and those events? Something close to the original Get that you have on a regular year. You know, on a rear on a regular feeding your hospital, you know, trying to make the playoffs and all that kind of stuff that that same kind of Randy if you don't get the big 10 putting out the schedule for the upcoming season, and then the delay days later Would we see the same backlash the same response from you all?.

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