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Forty-seven the Senate being equally divided the vice president votes in the affirmative GOP leaders didn't have the votes to pass a stopgap measure that included President Trump's five point seven billion dollar funding to build a border wall. Democrats saying they support border security and willing to allocate one point six billion in border security ABC's. Maggie Rulli has the latest the government shutdown leaving hundreds of thousands of workers in limbo just days before Christmas. And now everyone's passing the blame the president who recently said this I will take the mantle I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not gonna blame. You for is now making an abrupt about-face, we need the Democrats to give us their votes. Call it a democrat shutdown call it, whatever you want the two sides were unable to find a common ground with the president standing firm demanding five billion dollars to build his border wall. So what's next lawmakers will be back at noon? June today on Capitol Hill trying to approve a stopgap measure before Christmas homeland security Justice agriculture TSA among the agencies and departments that are affected. Essential government workers some four hundred and twenty thousand will work without pay for now. Other federal employees will stay home without a paycheck, President Trump earlier this week saying he's going to pull troops from Syria. And now there's talk hill reduced boots on the ground in Afghanistan. ABC's Martha Raddatz on what that could look like they're fourteen thousand troops there. Now in the goal is to drop down to seven thousand by the end of spring of next year. Senator Lindsey Graham says pulling out troops would be disastrous, but it will be tough to change Trump's mind on this one troop withdrawals and the monkey differences with the president among the reasons leading to Defense Secretary James Madison's resignation. This is ABC news. News Radio six ten WTVN..

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