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Only about half of the nation's total population is fully vaccinated, and that's the main reason why the nation is suffering through yet another deadly surge. Rob Stein. NPR news in Afghanistan as thousands of Americans and Afghans who assisted U. S forces try to get to Kabul airport to flee the country. The Taliban today warned the US that they would hold President Biden to his August 31st end date to get the evacuees out. The Pentagon says a second group of Americans in Kabul was airlifted to the airport and that rescue operations were taking close place quote as needed to bring more inside the perimeter. General Steve Lyons is commander of the U. S Transportation Command. We are pushing the limits to do everything we can to get every single evacuate out of Kabul. Firefight outside Kabul airport left one Afghan soldier dead, highlighting the danger for people trying to get on a plane and the Taliban say they've retaken three provinces north of the capital that were seized by opponents the day before. Least 21 people are confirmed dead. At least a dozen people are still missing following Saturday's floods in Humphreys County, Tennessee, Damon Mitchell of member Station of PLN reports, Local officials are calling on the public to help inform the search and rescue efforts. Emergency service workers have been using social media to share their missings persons list in the hopes of identifying people who were previously reported missing but have since been found safe. And on the other end Humphreys County Sheriff Chris Davis has been calling on loved ones to contact his office with the names of anyone they're concerned about. We're asking people from out of town. It's there. Not able to have any contact to call in to our dispatch center and ask for that. Welfare check. Officials believe the death toll may rise in the next few days for NPR news. I'm Damon Mitchell in Nashville. Wall Street higher by the bell. With the NASDAQ closing in record territory. The Dow gained 215 point sets up 6/10 of a percent, the NASDAQ Up 227 points. That's a gain of 1.5%. You're listening to NPR news. This is 90.9 w bur in Boston. Good afternoon. I'm Lisa Mullins. The National Weather Service confirms a small tornado touched down in Marlborough just before noon today. Nobody was hurt. The weather Service says it was spawned by the remnants of Tropical Storm on RE W B U R as meteorologist Steve Epstein tells us what's in store for the remainder of the day. We'll see an area of showers and even some thunderstorms continuing to rotate through eastern Massachusetts over the next several hours. If it's not raining where you are now. Everybody's going to get at least some showers overnight. Tonight. Temperatures falling from the seventies down towards 70 by morning the showers and storms coming to an end between about one and three o'clock in the morning, Epstein says. There are some areas that could see 1 to 2 inches of rain overnight. The full forecast is coming up Power restoration efforts continue today in Rhode Island a day after on re made landfall near the town of Westerly. There is high humidity, with temperatures forecast in the nineties over the next few days, so, Rhode Island's governor Dan McKee says.

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