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And I think they are in trouble. And the only way they went tonight. And maybe the next game is if Kevin Durant plays a similar style basketball as James harden. And if I'm Kevin Durant, I'm giving Steph curry and Klay Thompson the first half if they're not knocking down shots. I'm telling coach Kurt to play me entire second half. And I'm taking over. I don't disagree with that. I think Kevin Durant is the most efficient offensive superstar. We know of outside of Linnet, this particular postseason of Kevin Durant is a juggernaut. We know what he can do. And the from what they tell me there are times when he gets a bit winded been tie it. So when he's explodes for ten or twelve straight. You might ask the question. Why do they go away from him is because he wants them to because he wants to regain some oxygen or what have you and get out during the court. But I do believe you. I think that the way Houston's playing and the way Houston that's coming that. You gotta punch them in the mouth. You gotta you gotta show them. There's levels to this. And you're not on it. If that is indeed the case, Houston, obviously is going to push back. They've got James harden. Who's my league in the you know, CPI three PJ Tucker. Every Gordon is. Oh my God. He's played. So well, you can't sleep on that either. But none of them are Kevin Durant. They could be Steph curry and less Steph curry explode. They can be Klay Thompson. And let's Klay Thompson expose. It doesn't matter. What they do. They Kevin Durant. So you're right. I think Kevin Durant at some point in time tonight is going to have to remind them there's levels to this. And y'all not on my level, y'all know who I you know, who I am. That's what he needs to do. That's the mode. He needs to be in for game five tonight. Even a last point is viable option too. Bent Steph for some minutes of game when he's not performed defensively. I feel like some of those young guys on the bench fighters. No, no. That's not his problem. His problem is not that you know, he can't play defense. His problem is that they go through extrordinary means to disguise them because they don't want him to get fouled trouble. And then you've got James harden another's picking switching and creating mismatches because they want Steph curry guarding them. And if you're Steve Kerr, you got to remind him look man, get up on them on a three point spot. But if they school to for to against you. So be it. It's no big deal. Just don't get in the foul trouble. Because we need you on of course, Keefer Steph curry as a foul trouble in the first half. And then we'll see where it goes from there. Appreciate the call. Thank you so much, and then they'd say ESPN that is the number to call Stephen ESPN ESPN news, by the way when you're hiring..

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