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Excellence in excitement in your Vitamix. And is and you get 'em may junkie radio. Get these out of the way, these are quick fourteen thousand two hundred ninety seven souls were in the state farm arena in Atlanta, Georgia for UFC, two thirty six total gate was almost two million dollars. But if you wanna get exact it was one point nine million on the dot the bonuses went to they didn't go the route of performance of the nights. They went to the nights. And I don't think there's any controversies here, Dustin Pedroia and max Holloway pocketed fifty g's for fight of the night, Calvin gas lump and Israel out of Sonya, they pocketed fifty g's for fight of the night. I suppose Nikita Karloff. I be like walk. I submitted his P, you know, a little bit of love here. The sub bonus. Got it. Performance bonus Alexander Pinto. Ha you submitted another blackout in Wilson Hayes. Hey, we're sprinkle me something. But there was a lot of decisions. Look there really was a lot of decisions colle-. Todd a nice K over Boston, salmon, although Boston semi came to so quickly that his argument that he wasn't out actually looked kind of alad. He was like right up on the referee. But but I understood whether referees position was and trust me it cost me a little bit of money. So I wanted the referee to say man to to continue Brandon Davis. Also got us emission over Randy costs. The let me just finish these other ones. Those are the ones that were finishes. Pollino will tell you defeated Lauren Miller Miller Miller Miller Miller. Ponchos Mantell Jackson defeated Andre Sukhum dot below Mahama defeated Curtis Mila milliner milliner took down the first round on two judges scorecards including myself, but the last two you gotta tip your hat to allow Muhammad follow really really good fight. And he got the W there Kalita mentioned defeated boss Sam and max Griffin defeated Lim. He mediev- Matt for Vala steam, rela Jalen Turner and do white grant defeated Allen Joe ban. That was that one had to controversy to Khalil Roundtree defeated Eric Anders. So that's you'll see two thirty six Siegel. Do you? Remember the movie Rudy? Yeah. Remember when he would check every week to see if you plan, these that's the way picture cry lawf- going to see if he's part of that bonus. There's just kind of like kind of got to do it. But you had one that first when that first fight played out. You're probably going, okay. Either pull your Holloway's smoke, the the one they're gonna take home one of them. Five nights. Is he in Gotham think I got that some bowlers? That's what he was. And then all of a sudden those guys have that fight for the actually went poi- almost finished Halloween around one. I bet you Karloff. Feel pretty good about that point. Yeah. Yeah. I could see that. You know what I mean? Because supposedly when if I hit the ground is the usually the better light heavyweight. So that's why you gotta tip your hat to that. Submission. Yeah. Definitely. All right, two other quick things. And then we'll take these two calls that are waiting. Here's some salaries point eight two hundred and fifty grand no win-bonus, max, Holloway, three hundred and fifty gram Israel on three hundred and fifty grand no win-bonus Calvin gasoline. One fifty now out of Sonya is only six fights into his existence. He made one hundred grand more than Dustin poi-, but as gone through the W C, and who knows how many contracts he's had to earn his way. But I think a lot of it has to do with you have You have a couple a couple of. of losses, and you know, you don't have as much bargaining autism is never lost got that shiny. Oh, so I think they basically say what do you want kid fill it fill fill. The check in gasoline. One fifty Talil Roundtree seventy he got thirty five and thirty five air ganders, fifty do I grant twenty four he got twelve and twelve Japan, forty-three Makita Karloff. This is good salary. One hundred sixty thousand got eighty and eighty Vincent proves eighty six.

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