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Gets a hard rock. I'm just like, I'm come to Atlanta. I'm not going to the hard rock. Well, that's what I said Al we really went Atlanta's hardcore Atlanta cook, do that's not what you do pretty crowded with tourists. Which we are. And so it was fantastic. So Kristaps Porzingis. He was traded to the Dallas Mavericks as we don't want to seventeen deal. I played these clips, and we will continue to play them because you didn't have a conference call and just give me a heads up when I gotta get outta here. Obviously, I would like to play Antonio you. Gotta get ready. No, Jerry when you see all time leading rusher. Emmitt Smith up there that go. All right. That's fair. I know what he looks like you'd have to Google image him out. I'm familiar with them on just making sure. So here's Steve mills on a conference call about the porzingas move on what it does to the franchise going forward. We started laid out a plan that we strongly believe in today's trade. Laver significant impact moving our team. And you're right, by the way, people are responding negatively to this deal. One postering Nick reporter was I think it was a Nick report are, but one post was knick fans are gonna take a pause of drinking their bleach this morning after the porzingas news to focus on something else. I'm with you. I get them out. Try. Here's more mills porzingas did not like with the Knicks are trying to do. It seems like over time it became clear. Not completely on board with the plan that we laid out and the clip we played a couple of times this morning. Porzingis is not wanting to be around anymore. Era. Great play. I see him at Smith. It's morning in a meeting. He confirmed that he no longer wanted to be, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All.

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