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Jam and Terry Lewis? I mean, you had now riders Bernard Edwards, you know, now longer time base. So they, you know, help people Don Ross have a great solo career with. I'm coming out upside down they wrote that for her. So, you know, the now Rogers went on to produce Madonna's like a virgin record. He produced the song the original sin for an excess off their album the swing classic track. He produced David boies most successful commercially successful record. Let's dance. Yes. Now rod is produced that he produced random ran. So. This is a guy who was doing this coin funk in the seventy. So a lot of people who are big in the seventies like them, and like maybe berry give they had to wind up writing songs for other people and watching other people grow and become successful. I mean, so they were great produces in song writers. So now riders is a big deal. So when dad punt brought him out for get lucky with Hurrell that was a beautiful moment. That was a nice tribute in that put him back in the mainstream. So now millennials can know who he is. They don't ready. So it was you know, it's very cool to see very cool to see. But I did want to mention that about him that. Mr. Rogers is amazing -sition amazing producer and the gray songwriter. So this is this is this is the ban that he came from help start that whole path that he went on that majestic path has a phenomenal producer and isn't musically. Brilliant person more now Rogers than she cantors break. Hey,.

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