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Great towers right now i wanna talk about how easy to it right after the break we'll be right back welcome back everybody to the final segment what's good game all right mr brandon jones's here as you've been listening to all episode we wanted we will talk about pixel junk monster easy allies playing it but i wanted most of the people listening to watch the show do know about the allies but for people that don't could you just give a brief rundown of who you guys are and what you guys do because i think what you guys do is pretty fucking awesome we are total of nine gentlemen with from various ages in walks of life that have interests in many many different genres video games and films and manga comic books and tv shows and stuff like that but primarily games and we try to keep our offerings on youtube and twitches diverse as possible we have been known to build gundem's and legos on twitch we do our group stream on tuesday nights we have a big podcasts we have a couple of podcast movie podcast one that's our main mog asses more news focused but we also do reactions to major events when they happen that's most of what we're going to be doing during e3 and all the press conferences and everything and if you are familiar with game trailers that's a name pops up in your brain i think as we move further from that i think that was one of the biggest developments this year judges week where i was like pie i'm brian from easy allies leave it at that you know it was like before i'd be like we used to be game trailers like oh yeah and so i think we're a little more awareness now as we meet more people to get more familiar with our new entity but we used to be game trailers pretty much the exact same crew from game trailers dot com.

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