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On Disney. Plus you know what was fun about the Oscars for me last night was seeing Diane Keaton. Diane Diane. Keaton is just Chris Stein. Keaton is. He's been on the show seriously like probably fifteen times a lot of a lot of a lot. I feel like she's never them sober. This is our seventeen season. And she's been on at least fifteen th yes just is she. She is hilarious and she is uniquely herself and and that's so refreshing in fun to see someone come on our show who is just from their own little planet and is Leeann podcast. Mind God in heaven. What did she do on this appearance? Mary played burning question. Play burning questions that was really good and she historically very much does not wanNA play Games Games on why she's nervous very nervous and I think she just thinks it takes her sort of out of I don't know she genuinely things also genuinely thinks she's not interesting. She thinks she's boring. She doesn't understand why we keep booking. It's almost like you have to do something. And then when he does it he ends up right. Yeah Yeah unlike that anyway. Here's ellen playing burning questions rollet. When was the last last time you had too much wine last night? Okay okay yet. It seems like you're winning already. Finish this sentence saying Keaton is. She's troubled.

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