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And other sorts of things but it's more of the millennial of thing millennials just like to pearson stick you know things in themselves and they just they they light to decorate themselves so the nation's pediatricians what teenagers and young adults to be aware of potential health issues who tattoos appearance things have released their first ever recommendations on health and safety the report finds that most people who have the tech to eighty six percent have never regretted getty one super member they used to change where people get attention like damn you know what i really should change the name you know i got barbara now on my a wider wife barbara my are also people would unip regrets but also now the times attention is cripple are getting aren't really me as much it's artwork and they say eighty six percent of their regretted getty one thirty percent say it makes them feel six here i you know but there's obviously complications and our young people don't realize that was dumped a burger horror brunner who is a member of the division of adolescent medicine in seattle children's hospital chaired the ap committee on adolescents wrote the recommendation and she wants doctors and healthcare professionals to be and will to a properly guide chretien's of appearance one attached to our body piercing is being considered first says regulations of the state so the federal government doesn't regulated for the state has certain rules that is in some states minors as young as fourteen kim good tattoos but the empty importance of permission and then of course sanitary conditions there's a lot of wide variation and state regulations as well so at eight p the america and he says he should.

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