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For the voice of a very common in the Pacific Clash it on Easy winner was maximum security who won the Kentucky Derby last year before the inquiry. Shyam went up and Unfortunately, was disqualify to talk about history is race and in two weeks Kentucky Derby we welcome the lean columnist for the Daily Elation. Inform J. Quitman. Good Morning J. Morning, Sam. How are you? I'm doing fine, Of course. Ah, during these times a lot of members of the media working from home and Guys. They're announcing the ballgames at their home park. While the teams on the road it had been a lot of adjustments to cover in the sport. People cover Very much so mostly worked from home. But for race days at Del Mar, we're allowed to be out there in the press box for most of the day, and then we can watch the race track side so we can catch Jockeys trainers after the races. They come through the tunnel there that connects the track to the paddock and get some quick interviews. So we do have a little bit of access. And that certainly came in handy yesterday with all the big races that were run down here. Yes, There were a lot of good races, including maximum security, and you are on hand last year for the Kentucky Derby on that long inquiry, and I forget if you agreed with the decision stewards who seem to be confused where they agreed with themselves. Yeah, they love they had really conveyed to the to the public What all they were looking at. It was until a couple hours after the disqualification, which took 22 minutes for them to adjudicate when they've let it be known. The reason the horse have been placed back to 17th was because The rider who had finished that far back acclaimed foul. We had only thought that we were under the impression during the inquiry from what had been conveyed that it was just Ah, war of well, they were looking at what had gone on with war well on that. Pratt Hood for the second had, uh it had claimed foul We didn't really know about John Court, but that's hard to believe. It's been a year and a half. That all happened. Yeah. In fact, I had gotten that. I said, Well, why was he placed 17th had to look it up and find out? He in? Usually we're watching the race should thank you. This place Second. Him Steady was 17th in the race. So anyway, um We take a look at yesterday and then we'll get into the Derby yesterday. Think no surprise that maximum security with not a large field. But definitely I think if we went back to Kentucky Derby last year, definitely The best horse in the race was Maximus, Gary. You know, he's he's shown time and time again that he is. Ah, top horse. You know that even yesterday. The rates give up really well from yesterday. There was a lot of pace in the race and they used his best weapon and they let him go was supposed to In the San Diego is previous race when they kind of took him back a little bit heading into the back stretch. This time, they used his best weapon and the lead from start to finish, he said. I thought a fairly moderate pays for what he can handle, and he was much. He was very strong for the final half mile of the race, and there was nobody who could stay with. Um um He's now officially 1 10 times and 12 starts, you know, but he's crossed the finish line first in 11 of 12, and the only time he lost, he finished second. In the Pegasus that mon, listen. That was his first rates after last year's Kentucky Derby, any rebounded from that to win the Paschal last year, So he shows up every time for all that he's been through, he with all the unsavory things that have gone on around him, O R and controversial things. He's he continues to perform. Well afford seem and the breeder's Cup, I would assume That's what Bob Baffert, his trainer, said after the race, you know, was the obvious goal. The race yesterday is a win and you're in for the Breeder's Cup Classic, which is at Keeneland on November the seventh and bathroom, said that maximum security but I have one more race between now and then. He'd either running the awesome began at Santa Anita. Or go to New York for the Jockey Club Gold Cup. And Baffert also has horses like improbable and McKinsey, potentially for the Breeder's Cup Classic, And he said he'd liketo keep them all apart. A cz long as possible on DH have them. Meet up when it matters most in the breederscup. We're chatting with J privman of the Daily racing form. So let's get into the Derby because of The performance of four races this year by twos, the law, he kind of stands out in the field. Tis a lawyer is the one of the Holy Bowl on the Florida Derby and then because the Triple Crown has been switched around, he ended up with in the Belmont and then the Travers. And now he's Ah! Less than two weeks away from running in the Kentucky Derby. Yeah, He certainly is the the acknowledged favorite for the race. In fact, he had a workout this morning, Sam Back at Saratoga earlier today. Ah, he went five furlongs in 59 change and galloped out strongly again. So that will be his next to last workout will have one more next weekend in Saratoga, and then we'll head on Kentucky for the Derby and try and give his trainer Barclay Tagg, and his ownership group Sackatoga Staples. Their second derby when they want it in 2003 with funny side. They're jocky Manny Franco. He's never won the Derby before, so it will be a new Ah, potential experience for him. But his law certainly the favorite. I think art collector and Honor AP or pretty much acknowledged by everybody is being the 2nd and 3rd choices for the race, and then everybody else after that. Yeah. Now are a p. I believe work this week, and some people were disappointed in this effort on the shared belief. Others say he just Wanted that race just to get ready for the Kentucky Derby. Yeah, he worked yesterday, just before the hour and 15 minutes before the first race at Del Mar. Andi certainly has trained well, coming out of the shared belief that you shared belief was disappointing Race he got beat by 1000 words who certainly.

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