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Fox News America is watching. It's a mess in parts of Louisiana, where Hurricane Laura knocked out power and water service. In some areas. Damage can't even be assessed because communities are cut off Holly Beach practically wiped away next door in Cameron, Louisiana. Many places still cannot be reached there trying to get there by air boat to see the extent of what's happened on launching drones. That is where Hurricane Laura made landfall, bringing more than 10 Ft of Storm. Serge faxes Casey Siegel in Lake Charles, where Laura's powerful winds ripped off roofs and toppled trees. Yesterday, President Trump toward the devastation in Lake Charles. Then he flew by helicopter toe Orange, Texas. The leader of Facebook isn't apologizing. But CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits the social media giant made a mistake when it failed to quickly remove a page that had been flagged by multiple people. The page in question involved a militia group that called for armed civilians to converge on Kenosha, Wisconsin in the aftermath of a police shooting that caused violent protests to erupt. Facebook has recently adopted new guidelines about removing post from groups that pose a threat to public safety. Comic book fans will soon notice a big difference in how native Americans are portrayed. Marvel Comics announcing this month, the hiring of some Native American artists and writers for Marvel Voices. Indigenous Voices one, a new anthology rebooting some of its Native American characters. It's set for release during Native American history Month of November. Gone will be the portrayals of Of American or indigenous comic book superheroes with mystical powers and ability to talk to animals and stereotypical costumes. The new comics, Marvel says to be based instead on better words, riding an art tied to Native American ancestors, all Steven's fox.

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