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I had brought up Howard Dean again because yeah he's the screaming guy the reason I brought of Howard Dean in the Iowa caucuses you go back to two thousand for a late two thousand three in early two thousand four in everybody Howard Dean was the Darling of the press he could do no wrong Howard Dean introduced himself I think in the summer of two thousand three and said I'm from the democratic wing of the Democratic Party and everybody just embraced them and set a he finally we we've gotten so far away from our traditional values and he's promoting the he's promoting Bernie Sanders level stuff he was the Elizabeth Warren of his day and they just loved him and they embraced him and he was cover of time magazine is he the new standard bearer for the Democrats and the truth of the matter is when he got into actually having to get votes he failed he was out very very quickly media they have influenced to an extent but not as much as you might think that's why even with Michael Bloomberg running I don't know that he can buy the election as much as he thinks he can because I think people just ultimately they form an opinion about you and that's the end of that Howard Dean well I think it later became the head of the Democratic Party but I mean bottom line was he couldn't buy votes I think once you got South Carolina he was done I remember when he dropped out but everybody was very surprised what happened to the dean campaign well people finally realize guys a dodo well you can say the same thing to some extent about Bernie Sanders but Sanders is already run once and he's a known commodity now and media is much is they're trying to trash him and yet John Kerry over the weekend actually curse on his Twitter account because he was overheard by an NBC reporter saying that Bernie Sanders is going to bring the party down and that John Kerry me John Kerry I may have to jump in and save the party you know many Democrats right now are saying that I may have to jump in and save the party well at least two now that's Hillary Clinton and John Kerry I'm sure exactly if they could save the party or not but they're really worried about Bernie Sanders so they're changing the rules as to how they're going to go about the nominating process at the convention and Sanderson porters are going back to crazy there been saying about the how could you do that Bernie is gonna be the standard bearer and well you know the truth of the matter is I don't think they're gonna let him have the nomination I don't think they're gonna give it to him I don't think it no matter what they'll find a way to weasel out of it I think they just feel like they have to and you have to give him at least a little credit on that because he probably would take them down the rattle interesting poll today shows that people are very down on socialism it does not have the popular support that you might think I'm sure does among millennials and such but what if they ever done they don't know anything and they don't show up to vote most of the time there's not enough of them anyway all people just want their checks that's it they want their checks to be in the mail box and that's all they care about the rest of us just want you to stay out of our lives and let us get on with things it's tough to get people to do that of course you see if I can find this Michael Moore quote from the other day he was absolutely going back to crazy because they're scrolling Bernie Sanders again how they keep **** this great American I'm not sure exactly how you look at him in that respect but here we go let's see if I can find us on our rights now it's on the market okay I don't have it I raised it most played it the other day well once again the great build up I got nothing for you anyway so that's going to be tonight the expectation is Bernie Sanders comes out on top in the caucus followed by a Pete beauty gauge who says that if you voted for trump the chances are good you're a racist you probably don't even realize how that one I do have a that one okay here's BB to gauge arguments and I was it you can win over Republican voters I know a number of your precinct captains are former trump voters something like forty something but Republicans are have been seizing include including a new trump add on a statement you made saying quote anyone who supported this president is at best looking the other way on racism you've also said that on my show that's almost sixty three million Americans who you're painting with a pretty broad brush do you regret saying that at all no I'm very concerned about the racial division that this president has fostered and I'm needing a lot of voters who are no longer willing to look the other way on that looking for a new political home and I think it's one of the reasons why we have seen so many people in addition to the Die Hard Democrats who are coming to our events for seeing independence and a remarkable number of people who tell me they are those future former Republicans that I like to talk about in our campaign and it's not that I'm pretending to be more conservative than I am it's that we can agree if we don't agree on everything we can at least agree on turning the page and moving past with this president has done to this country yeah that's that's what we all agree on that's that's what it is that could possibly be the P. previous president talking about the bitter Clinger's clinging to their guns and religion and and his attitude towards those middle American heartland type people now that did that was nothing it is the lack of ability to be self reflective is just breathtaking yeah it's always it's always Republicans falls never never Democrats but they never say anything wrong about anybody they're just good folks in fact.

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