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News the other thing. I wanted to get into kenny stills. Obviously we all know what the story entails jay z and the national football paul league agreed to partner with one another. Jay z's going to be a part of the entertainment portion for the national football league particularly with halftime show plus. He's going to be involved would assisting would assisting social justice reform or addressing social justice issues rather. This is what he wants to do. All right eric reed who colin kaepernick eric re spoke out against the great j._j. A colin kapp nick certainly cosign that and you know garnering support for his brothers and arms mayor various areas people out there spoke out against j._c. As well and now here we are dealing with kenny stills wide receiver for the miami dolphins recently in the news to speaking out against his boss owner stephen ross highlighting the hypocrisy and inconsistency because the rise foundation mr ross's initiative to address racial inequality and beyond and how he's very very well known for those efforts didn't necessarily vibe with him throwing a fundraiser for president donald trump kenny stills goes on twitter. Kenny stills speaks out against them talked about the inconsistency coach bryan flora's new coach for the miami dolphins asked why he didn't speak to the coach to the owner first needless to say they agreed they met finally they agreed to disagree and then jay aziza happens when jay z situation happens with a plethora of people particularly from the black community calling out jamesy questioning his blackness nisus kenny stills joined the fray yesterday listen to what he had to say for the most part what i'm trying to say to people it was. Let's let's work toward solutions. Wait wait and see what goes down from. His deal can't really tell right now. It doesn't it doesn't it doesn't sit right right with me the right way but you never well. He said a lot more than that. He sound reasonable than that but what he questioned whether or not jay z. talked to common folk in all of this other stuff j._c. surrounded by common folk if you know anything about jay z and his crew their common common folk a whole bunch of wall peres's common folk. There's raise common folk whole bunch of people stephen. The common folk talking about all of these things happen and what i'm saying to you is this. I'm macedo again to make sure that my my message resonates pro-family if you're talking about the optics jay z. sitting next to the commissioner of the national football league laughing yukking it up i understand if you want to sit up there and say that jay z did not illuminate and present in a game plan that he planned on executing and we need more information. I have no problem with that if that is your reason for not wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt as my man dominic foxworth explain this morning on i take which is on e._s._p._n. Every weekday morning from ten a._m. To noon eastern standard tom tom seven to nine a._m. Pacific and you want to say you're not giving anybody the benefit of the doubt until you see what they actually do. I'm down with that but that's entirely different than question a man's blackness calling them a sell out and all of this other stuff some of your people out there. Just damn ignorant it. It just no way around it. You're just ignorant and it's a problem that happens in black community that people are scared to touch on but i'm not scared to touch and almost seems like any talk somebody successful. They must have sold their soul in order to be successful as opposed to work in their tails off touting their the pavement grinded for year after year after year every day. They're damn lot to get to the point that they got to ignore that because they finally arrived to a place you estedat today must have sold there so because there's some place that you're not that's a problem and like i said jay. Z's got some work to do jay. Z's plan has to be a bit more transparent but to sit up and think that you suddenly have a license to question listen..

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