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Plus I might be in my mind, subliminally thinking, oh shit. I'm going to wind up hitting it into the water, the Krieg over there and then just not put a good swing on at top. It's something like that. I hit four iron, which I have a great deal of confidence in didn't catch it. Great, but certainly was a good shot in the sense that it was right in the fairway and add a great angle at the pin, but I'm still two hundred yards away. I've hit a driver and I had a four iron and I'm two hundred yards. Away. But you know, what am I going to do? Plus it's up hill and I saw the caddy I said, what kind of trouble you looking at behind the green and goes, you got Mason road back there, and I said, but like as far as anything else he goes, I think you'd rather be long than short. I go find, fuck it. I'm going to have the rare combination of driver-4-iron three would and I've hit each ball pretty pure and that's what I have and I didn't hit it well hit it short hit it right. So now I have a sixty yard shot out of that deep rough to the pin, and I get it out of there. I mean, like I said, you had to hit like it was a bunker shot open up the club face and just get down there and get the damn thing up. You know, you're gonna pull it. I pull it, but it stays out of the bunker and have it shipped for up and down chip it run it past the whole have ten feet left for a bogey that I would feel like was a birdie and and so I have a great look at it. Feel like the lines ride caddy's got a good beat on it for me, and I hit it and somehow it lips outright. Listen, I'll miss putts and I'm not gonna Jordan speed and Patrick goes, oh my God. Did you see that? And I know now I can't try to keep my head down on the ball and I'm putting any owes. It bounced it bounce right off the club face. And so that's the kind of if you wanna talk about the greens. Yeah, you adjust on the speed. It's the, it's the, some of the things would bounce not all of them. I mean, shit, like one hundred ten, but on the less. And so that's what happened there. And unfortunately at wound up being a double bogey. So I get to the the ninth tea, which is our eighteenth hole, and I'm sitting at eighty three and I'm thinking to myself. I can't believe that. I mean I have an eight and I just have a double bogey there and have a double bogey on too. And I'm sitting at eighty three from the tips from the championship tees. You gotta be kidding. And so-. Number nine is that dogleg left up the hill to Tiger Woods, perhaps the most famous shot of the whole thing. And I'm just thinking to myself, I've been hit my driver final. All day. Just get it out there and I can double bogey stay in in the eighties, which never was even on my mind. I think if I would've been like I can stay in the nineties, I would have been thrilled. And so again, the t- boxers not really nerves. I'm just like I wanna hit a great drive. That's what was on my mind and take it for what it's worth. It's what happened. You know, we're gonna tell on a stories. We're gonna tell everything. As I'm in my back swing and I certainly swing hard is in my back swing. I, I guess it was my. It had to be my right hand. My right hand slipped just like a diet, don't even know. I don't know what the distance would have been like a centimeter the way I felt that slip. And then I pulled it into an area that I thought was going to be out of bounds. The caddy immediately gave the safe sign. I'm like, oh my God, what a break that I'm safe, but then I get over to the ball and it's immune. Its is Doug on with say, it's absolute jail. I have a choice. I can turn sideways pitch out, punch out and it puts me in the rough which God only knows what happens..

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