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If necessary, there are many different types of headaches, and they can vary significantly in numerous ways they can vary by their intensity, their location, the frequency, and also there 'cause. But. We talk about headaches primarily in terms of primary versus secondary headaches. So primary headache is when the headache is the main problem, so your primary issue is the headache, eights not a symptom of another disease or condition like when you get perhaps a flu or a head cold, and you have a headache as a symptom or something accompanying that it's also not a side effect of your medication. So while the pain from that primary headache can be really debilitating. They're typically not dangerous. The brain itself cannot feel pain. It does not have nerve endings attached in such a way that it can feel pain, so the pain associated with those primary headaches are coming from inflamed portions of pain, sensitive areas of your body, generally those around your neck and head, and that can include your nerves, your blood vessels and your muscles. Sir Member, not in the brain, but in the head and neck area, and sometimes that pain radiates out a little bit. It just depends on what is being inflamed at the time. and. There are a few different categories of primary headaches. These are the ones we commonly refer to. When we're speaking of headaches, some examples include migraines cluster headaches, tension, headaches and hip nick headaches. We're GONNA dive into those here in just a few minutes, but I I do want to go ahead and cover secondary headaches. Secondary headaches as you very well may have guessed are those that are caused by another condition that is triggering those pains, sensitive areas in your neck and head, like those nerves, blood vessels and those muscles. These are rare headaches, but they can also be a lot more serious than primary headaches. Secondary Ones can be warnings of a more serious condition like brain tumor in Aneurysm, neck, or brain, injury, or even meningitis, which can be caused by bacteria or viruses, making your brain become inflamed. So. These secondary headaches usually start just out of nowhere the kind of blindside you and they are completely excruciating surf. You're having a sudden debilitating headache, and it is just absolutely crushing and excruciating for you, then go ahead and call your doctor ace at some websites, even recommend that you nine, one one and get immediate emergency medical.

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